👶 🍏 Teach Kids to Eat Healthy with the Best Apps for Healthy Recipes

By Jan 23, 2019

Nobody is pickier when it comes to food than kids and they seem to be especially rebellious when it comes to healthy food. Luckily, with The Best 10 Apps for Healthy Recipes you can prepare healthy food they’ll love.

The advised daily intake of sweets for children is 150 calories which equal 2 cookies or a small ice cream scoop.

Now that's out of the way, do you know what broccoli, brussels sprouts and avocado have in common? They are incredibly healthy and your kid likely can’t stand eating them.

One of the likely reasons is because vegetables are rich in calcium - the reason for a slightly bitter taste. And we instinctively connect bitterness with something harmful.

Still, vegetables are incredibly beneficial for children’s development, so we bring you # tips to help you teach them to eat healthy food.

1. Cook & Eat Together

You know kids learn through experience. The first step you should take is to eat healthy food together from the start.

A study at Columbia University showed that kids who eat with family and interact in the cooking process have a much lower chance of developing poor eating habits.

Most parents take action when they notice their child isn’t eating healthy. But the key is to be preemptive.

2. Pair with Something Familiar

Another research shows that kids are more likely to eat something that’s familiar - which makes sense if we go back to evolutionary survival instincts from before.

Instead of putting a plate of brussels sprouts in front of your child, find a recipe that combines the veggie with something they like.

We highly suggest Runtasty as you can easily find recipes with exciting combinations.

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Best 10 Apps for Healthy Recipes

3. Provide Regular Exposure

Do you know why you end up buying a product you don’t need or want? Because of regular advertising exposure. It’s time to use the exposure theory for something good.

Just like you won’t buy something the first time you see an ad, so won’t a kid start eating veggies. But if you’re consistent and subtle with your “veggie/fruit marketing”, your kid will learn.

Teaching your kid to eat properly is a longterm job (just like with any other parenting task). Thus, there are no magic tips that will magically make your child love vegetables.

But if give it time and regularly prepare healthy food, you can be sure they will learn.

And who knows, as you’re discovering recipes with one of The Best 10 Apps for Healthy Recipes, you might create healthier eating habits as well.

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