Taxi Driving Simulator

Taxi Driving Simulators

These entertaining taxi driving simulators are categorized as driving simulator games because of their realistic graphics or life-like controls. The concept of driving simulators was originally designed to help train new drivers looking to get licensed or professional drivers looking to be certified. These virtual driving tests are used in a variety of occupations like buses, ambulances, trains, and yes, taxis. Driving simulation is an important technique of driver training that can allow a professional driver to learn how to handle a certain vehicle without putting anyone at risk. 

Taxi driving mobile games are a similar concept. You get to enjoy the rush of racing clients across town and dodging traffic while not dealing with the risk of injury or the day-to-day grind of being a real-life cab-driver. There are also opportunities to build your very own taxi empire. If you're ready to race your passengers to a variety of exciting destinations and build a fleet of yellow money-makers, these apps will have what you're looking for. 

Taxi Simulator Mobile Apps

While taxi driving simulator games were originally created for PC and home-gaming consoles like PS4, the mobile apps are much more convenient. You'll also get more realistic control like what you'd experience behind the wheel of a taxi. You see, computer taxi games might have decent graphics, but a keyboard just isn't the same feeling as a steering wheel. With a taxi simulator mobile app, you'll enjoy first-person action and control while holding the phone horizontally to simulate an actual steering wheel. 

Furthermore, it's super convenient to play these games on the go. Instead of being stuck at your desk on a computer or in front of the TV with your gaming console, you can enjoy these games from anywhere in the world. They don't require cellular data to play most game modes, so you can play them even if you don't have cell service. On long car rides, bus trips, or boring days at work, you can pass the time behind the wheel of a taxi. 

Heart-Pounding Excitement

Another fun aspect of these taxi simulator mobile apps is the realistic big-city life. Most taxi companies don't thrive out in rural towns with small populations, so these games feature the hustle and bustle of the big city. However, the lights, sounds, and fun of cities like New York and Los Angeles also come with their own challenge: traffic. As a taxi driver with clients who are in a rush or rich passengers willing to pay to get where they're going quickly, traffic will be your worst enemy. Weaving in and out of cars can either get you paid well or get your fired. 

On the other hand, busy cities also come with more passengers. If you want to, you could find more than 10 clients on a given night and rake in some major coin. You'll even have the option to choose your passengers. Be careful who you pick, as some missions might be tougher (and more lucrative) than others. 

Take Over the Taxi Industry

Along with big-city fun, taxi driving simulator mobile games feature big business as well. You'll not only get to drive the taxi to make money, but you can also work your way up the ladder to manage or even own your own company. If you don't like the way your boss is running things, you can open your own taxi company. Once you make enough money and show clients that your cabs are the best in the city, you can expand across the country. 

As the head of your own taxi empire, you can still enjoy the chance to pick up a client and get him or her to a destination, but you'll also get to run the business. This entails managing the drivers, taking care of the taxi maintenance, and setting the rates. As you drive around making money for yourself, other drivers will be making money for you as well. You can even design your own taxi to help your fleet stand out from the others. In a competitive market, your decisions will be the difference between success and failure as a company. 

Challenge Your Friends

And the fun doesn't stop with running the business. These taxi mobile games even offer you the chance to link up with friends online. With cellular data or WiFi connectivity, you can challenge your friends to see who can drop off the most clients for the most lucrative payouts. You can even take on multi-player missions to transport big groups for big bucks.

With online connectivity, the options are nearly endless. You can find groups on social media who enjoy playing the same taxi games, and you can post your scores on the missions to the leader boards. If you've got a competitive side, these apps can cater to it with weekly social challenges, new missions, and custom taxi upgrades. It's as easy as connecting your PS4 or Xbox to online forums, and you can play from anywhere in the world with cell service or WiFi. 

From the rush of the big city to the challenge of building a taxi empire, these taxi simulator mobile games are a thrilling experience whether you play solo or with online groups.