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By Jan 18, 2019

The young generations are directly influencing how we find work. Understanding the latest job market trends can help you find a new job easier, especially if you’re using one of The Best 10 Job Search Apps.

The salary young people believe would make them happy is $80,000. Although some will say it’s hard to achieve that number, there's nothing wrong about aiming high.

Also, it might not be apparent immediately, but the latest trends directly influence how millennials find jobs.

The 2019 employee is different than the one from 1999 or even 2009, so we analyze 3 trends to help you understand how to approach finding your next job.

These trends might feel scary, but we hope to help you see the brighter side of each one. Especially if you’re a millennial.

1. Job Life Span is Short

Are you jumping from one small job to another? You’re not alone. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that “gig” workers make 34% of the total workforce.

The downside of the gig economy is that young people find it much harder to feel financially secure.

Nevertheless, the upside is there are many opportunities to develop your skills faster, which brings us to the next problem.

2. Millennials Feel Unqualified

In 2016, around 41% of people had an annual income that was less than $30,000. In comparison, back in 1975, it was only 25%.

One of the possible reasons for this is that young people feel they lack the necessary skills.

Besides looking for your first gigs, you can take advantage of the growing online learning culture so that you get the qualifications you need. 

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3. Job Engagement is Low

We can define job engagement as the feeling of enjoying your work. And millennials are the least engaged with only 29% feeling the joy of work.

This is another opportunity to take advantage of the job hopping. It’s much easier to switch jobs until you find what you want.

Apps like Monster Job Search as they directly offer quick gigs that can help you understand what your calling might be.

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The job market seems scary, but you need to realize it’s more of an obstacle course you need to overcome.

Each generation has had their hurdles, and for the current one, it’s a shorter job life span, feeling unqualified and engagement.

But you have the advantage of more readily finding a job. The Best 10 Job Search Apps can help you kickstart your career - all you need to do is start searching. 

It’s the first step towards that $80,000 annual salary of yours.

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