Super Arm Workout Exercises for Strong and Well-Toned Arms

Workout 1: Skull Crushers

Skull crushers, also known as lying triceps extensions, are the staple for building strength and muscular endurance in the arms. Training your body for strength puts you on the path to perfect form. It seems cool to show off biceps for aesthetics, but it's also great to attempt workouts that prepare our bodies and core with the strength and stamina needed in practical situations.

So, get your dumbbell or barbell, let's build those arm triceps for strength.

Reps: 10-12

Sets: 3-5


• Get a pair of dumbbells or a barbell, preferably an endurable weight.

• Lay down on the weight bench and raise the bar. Keep your body flexible and active. Be self-aware as this is a delicate position; you need 100% concentration to avoid dropping the weight on your face.

• Start from your shoulder blades. Move your shoulders intensely into the bench, and maintain the slight pressure in your mid-back. Your shoulder blades should follow this movement. Then lean your upper arms backward.

• Generally, workout enthusiasts tend to keep their upper arms in a 90-degree position to the floor. This method is also excellent. However, for best results, you can test your reach limit to maybe 92 degrees before moving back to recovery.

• Do not arch your back while crushing. It's a posture that can slow down results. Striking the right position as you reach over your head with the barbell is significant to building your triceps and core.

A skull crusher aims to build your triceps by continually reaching the best angle that's relative to your torso.

Note: We strongly recommend a trainer's supervision during this workout.  

Workout 2: Pullups

A pullup bar is essential for an effective pullup workout. Grab the bar with an overhand grip.

Reps: 5-7

Sets: 4-6


• Pull yourself up with this grip, until your face is above the bar.

• Gradually lower your frame back to a suspended extension. You’ve performed one rep successfully. Repeat this pattern but with better position and agility. Let your arms be the source of the pull.

• Don’t cheat by jolting yourself up with your legs. This movement will not reward the efforts to tone your arms. Instead, it will work other muscles.

• Remember, the goal here is to build your arms and make them strong. 

Workout 3: Cable Rope Tricep Extensions

You need a cable machine for this workout session.

Reps: 12-15

Sets: 3


• Connect the cable rope to the machine’s highest position. Set the weight to what’s convenient for you but also heavy enough to wear you out after the third set.

• Position yourself a foot from the machine and grab both ropes. Let your elbows nudge right on your torso. Draw your arms downwards till you’ve reached the limit of extension.

• Slowly draw your arms back to the same position, flexing your triceps in the process.

Note: Always start your workout position from a comfortable level and build up the momentum gradually. 

Workout 4: Dumbbell Kickbacks

Reps: 8-10 (per arm)

Sets: 3-4


The kickback is about doing what’s unique to you. The rewards of a dumbbell kickback include a strong core and well-toned arms.

• So you’d need the regular dumbbells used in your bicep curls.

• Lean your left knee and arm on the weight bench, with the dumbbell in the right hand.

• Bend your right knee. Raise the upper arm with the bell, and stretch it toward your rear.

• Slowly return the dumbbell to the initial position. This movement completes 1 rep. Continue until you complete a minimum of 8 reps per set.

Trainers and workout purists consider the dumbbell kickback extremely strenuous on the shoulders. This situation is possible when the weights are too heavy for the lifters. In this case, strain, long term aches, and even injury are inevitable.

Note: Always lift weights within your endurance limits. 

Workout 5: Diamond Push-Ups

Reps: 10

Sets: 3-4


• Start in the regular push-up position with your hands balanced on the floor.

• This time, let your thumbs and index fingers meet to form a diamond or spade. Your elbows would prod out too, creating a diamond-like shape.

• Now lower your body until you’re few inches to the ground and push yourself back up.

Perform 10 reps of this movement and complete at least 3 sets. You may want to stop and catch your breath as you go. But try and develop the persistence to finish 3 sets. Then slowly raise the goal to 4, 5 sets, and more. The diamond pushup does more than build your arms. As you go, you begin to feel the impact on your shoulders and chest. These are signs of an extensive workout.   

Total body fitness can be a combination of different exercises. We hope these arm workouts move you closer to your fitness goals. It’s possible to achieve your arm workout goals right now, choose from our Best Arm Workout Apps to get started.