👶 🎁 Stock Up on Baby Essentials with The Best Registry Apps

One thing that doesn't make sense buying is baby shoes. Babies can't walk, they will outgrow the shoes faster than you can put yours on and baby socks are way comfier.

But if we ignore the shoes, there are so many items you do need it's hard to get them all.

Luckily, a baby shower is the perfect, one-time opportunity to stock up on everything you need before the great battle begins. 

Since it's one-time and once you start there's no going back, we bring you four helpful, gift registry tips to get the most out of your wishlist.

1. Don't Go Short-Term

Having a newborn is so overwhelmingly joyful, many parents don't think that in a few months, the baby will be twice the size.

But that's precisely what will happen so instead of focusing on items you need right now, think at least one year in advance.

Furthermore, a cool app is Babylist since you get discounts that last to 6 months after you get a baby and this provides flexibility.

2. Go Online & In-Store

Although we live in the practical era of online shopping, that doesn't mean you should ignore in-store registries. 

Online is excellent for essentials items, but parents who do everything online often regret not testing out items like strollers first.

Another app we recommend is buybuy Baby since it allows you to get baby presents in person as well.

3. Don't Avoid Gift Cards

Gift cards aren't the most exciting thing you can get for a baby shower, but they are more useful than any other gift.

Remember how your baby grows extremely fast? So if you ask for gift cards, you can use them whenever you want.

Gift cards are like the "out of jail" card in Monopoly. They seem useless until you need them.

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Gift Cards

Best 10 Gift Cards Apps

Best 10 Gift Cards Apps

4. Create Thematic Gift Packs

Finally, think about the people buying the presents. You need items like baby bottles, but people might feel bad if they get you a mere $5 baby bottle.

A great trick is to create themes like "baby essentials" where you include items like bottles, pacifiers, diapers, etc.

Go creative and group up simple items into cool themes to make other people's job easier.

Raising a small human being might seem confusing at first, but once you start rolling, it becomes a unique experience. 

You can easily avoid near-future obstacles if you prepare and by wisely using one of The Best 10 Registry Apps, you'll be completely ready for the journey ahead.

Plus, you can rest assured you'll never run out of diapers.

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