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Sports Trivia Games

Sports Trivia History

Since the rise in popularity of sports in the modern era, human beings have been fascinated by sporting facts. Memorizing scores, researching stats, and arguing about the best players all build a foundation in the world of sports. Learning sports trivia, especially in the United States, became a subculture throughout the 20th century as sports information, reporting, and record keeping became one of the fascinating sects of the sports entertainment business. 

As more and more media coverage was being dedicated to the major sports like football, baseball, basketball, and soccer, more information became available for fans to soak up. Instead of just seeing the score, fans could study the statistics of the teams and players. The nature of competition in sports led fans to remember sports trivia as a way of defending their teams, bashing others, and remembering where players, teams, and coaches had been. 

Keeping Statistics Through the Years

As the popularity of sports rose, so did the amount of attention they received. As sports made more money, professional sporting organizations were able to spend more money on staff to keep statistics. This became useful for keeping records, studying opponents, and understanding what is helping teams win from a historical standpoint. In the cases of most modern sports, especially football and baseball, statistical analysis became more in depth as technology became more advanced. 

For instance, football coaches used to have to punch holes in the cards of certain play formations after recording on paper the habits and plays of the other teams. This allowed them to put a pencil through specific holes and find all of the plays in which they lined up in a specific formation. With video analysis in today's game, coaches can now easily sort through different play calls and formations with the help of computer programs. Baseball underwent a similar progression that let the sport evolve from rudimentary statistics to advanced statistical breakdown of every player from every season. 

Influence of Television

One of the ways many pro teams rose to popularity was because of their games being televised. For instance, in the 1980s and 90s, the Atlanta Braves were one of the only baseball teams whose games were televised regularly on local channels throughout the country. The Notre Dame University Fighting Irish football program was similar, having a deal in place with a local channel to televise its games every week. In both cases, countrywide popularity created more interest in these specific teams and for their respective sports in general. As more teams were televised, people began to take an interest in the players themselves. They wanted to learn facts about these players, both personal and statistical. These inquisitive fans who would study the players and their stats helped lay the groundwork for sports trivia and sports trivia games.

Sports Trivia Games

As sports trivia games became more popular, they were available on a wider variety of forums. There were popular newspaper articles and crossword puzzles dedicated to sports trivia before almost any other kinds of games. There are also thousands of volumes of sports trivia books published, many with fun quizzes ranging from easy to impossible based on the subject matter. Fans enjoyed stretching their sports memories to come up with the answers to the hard questions, but these newspapers and books were not enough for some fans. 

Sports trivia games online also became very popular as people could compete against a computer, learn and memorize fun sports facts, and even compete against others around the globe. Around the same time as Internet technology was evolving enough to allow online connection and gameplay, television game shows were also very popular. These types of trivia games would often feature sports questions or categories, but fans who wanted to challenge themselves to purely sports trivia competition had to do so on the computer. 

Sports Trivia Mobile Apps

These kinds of sports trivia computer games set the precedent for the sports trivia mobile apps that are so popular today. Many of these games, like fantasy football, even involve keeping up with current sports to have a feel for what players are putting up the best stats. While these games don’t present the same heart-pounding excitement as other genres like car racing games, they are a fun challenge for sports fans. 

For instance, fans can argue back and forth about who is a “bandwagon” fan and who has been a true fan through the years, but there’s no better opportunity to settle these disputes than in the competitive confines of sports trivia apps that can pit users in head to head battles. These apps range from sports specific to general sports knowledge, so no matter what kind of challenge you’re looking for, they have what it takes to put your sports knowledge to the test. 

People have been fascinated with sports trivia ever since the major sports began keeping statistics, and sports trivia mobile apps can help fans challenge themselves to the toughest questions from any sport.