💑 Spark a Perfect Conversation with the Best Apps for Meeting New People

According to OkCupid research, starting with "How's it going?" has the highest chances for a reply. But that's not nearly enough.

Finding someone via online dating apps is one problem and starting a conversation is an entirely different can of worms.

It can be incredibly frustrating, so you end up with wasted hours, zero dates and feeling bad as you give up.

If you wonder how to start a conversation, we bring you 3 tips for a perfect icebreaker. 

1. Don't Leave It At "Hi"

We'll take a wild guess and say you're go-to strategy is copy/pasting hundreds of "Hi, how's it going?" messages. We'll also guess you don't get many replies.

The first step is to stop focusing on the quantity because that won't bring you anywhere. 

You should start with a nice "Hello", but if that's all you write, you'll end up in the garbage can with a million other similar messages.

2. Praise Interests, Not Looks

So how to start a conversation? First things first, don't comment the looks because again, everybody is doing the same thing.

Instead, check their profile and discover their interests. Use the gathered information and write a simple question. 

You might say that some people don't write anything about themselves. In that case, ignore them. They likely aren't interesting anyway.

3. Give a Reason to Reply

You introduced yourself, wrote a great question and you're ready to press "Send". But wait, you need the final touch.

People are careful online and just asking a question can make you seem as if you're here only to impress the person. It seems cheap.

Add one last sentence where you describe why you find it interesting. This way, you're making it super easy for the person to reply.

There are two routes you can take when meeting people online using one of The Best Apps for Meeting New People

You can either rack up failed attempts and feel frustrated or learn to enjoy the challenge.

Imagine it like playing a game. You need to gather information, create a perfect strategy and finally - succeed.

So instead of trying to split rocks with a paper, use your "creative hammer". It's much easier and more fun.

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