Space Strategy Games Can Be Fun in Many Ways

The Adventure Into Space

Space exploration started with the development of space telescope in 1968 by the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory 2. Since then, over 400 planets outside the Solar System (called exoplanets) have been discovered. In 1949, the first human-made object, Bumper-WAC, was launched into space by the United States.

With man's first flight into space in 1962, a new frontier was reached in space exploration. Today, we learn that there are between 100 – 400 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, which contains our Solar System. As early as 1959, the Soviet Union had captured images of the moon, and in a decade later, humans step their foot on the moon for the very first time. Several countries have developed multiple space travel programs, with the ever-rising interest in space life. 

Development of Space Strategy Games

With the advent of space travel, interest in the Solar System began to rise. Some video game platforms, like PlayStation and Nintendo 64, hopped on the trend and began to develop space-themed games. These video games allowed users to explore other planets, lead a conquest, and battlespace forces. Players took the form of astronauts in these adventure games, navigating our galaxy, and discovering new objects and space life.

Over time the world saw advancements in Internet technology, as well as the introduction of online games. This development led to improvements in space games’ graphics and storylines. Nowadays, every space strategy game developer would want to design games that are advanced in terms of characterization, plot development, and of course, graphics.

Explore the Solar System

When mobile phone technology came into the scene, it took no time for mobile video games to take a seat. Alongside came space strategy games players can enjoy right on their mobile phones. These adventure games take the players on a close-to-life exploration of the solar system. With a game app like Space STG 3 - Empire of Extinction, users can lead campaigns to other planets, develop cities, and build massive galactic armies. Players also get to connect with other players on the app, forge alliances, and become a cosmic phenomenon.

Space adventure apps immerse players in scenarios where they have to travel in starships as a commander, enlist admirals to their army, and battle for dominance with other players. These action-packed games help users relieve the most incredible sci-fi experience. 

Fight Battles in Space

Nothing comes close to war strategy games set in the galaxy. Players raise powerful armies, design weapons, and armory, develop battle strategies, and go to war. These galactic battles are often fought against space aliens trying to protect their planets and kingdoms. The goal is to conquer them, rebuild their cities, and stamp your authority.

Space battle apps like the Nova Empire: Space Commander has an HD format that gives the users the best experience while they wage war with other players to take control of Space. Additional features include high-quality sound and music, and a customizable space station where users strategize their battles. Another spectacular space strategy game is Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS, where players embark on rescue missions to Space. Players have access to over 20 battle equipment and eight warships to defeat the enemies in this 3D sci-fi game.

An exciting space battle game is Space Arena: Build & Fight, where users design spaceships and put them up for clash battles with ships designed by other players. 

Build Your Own Galaxy Empire

Many space games don't stop at just fighting battles; they go a step further to allow players to build their galactic empires. In these base building games, players leave their footprints on the galaxy. An example is the Hades’ Star sci-fi game, where the player begins on one planet, and then they expand to other parts of the universe. With the continuous growth of outposts, military fleets, and several mining activities, the player establishes unbeatable influence.

If you’re looking to be a space hero, fighting realistic battles, and employing different space strategies, the Nova Storm: Stellar Empire game app is a good fit. With a simple and easy-to-use design, users can develop a spacecraft, build a mind-blowing fleet, and capture planets. There's also a multi-player option, allowing players forge alliances in epic battles against space enemies.

Space strategy games are one of the most popular video game genres, offering unrivaled entertainment and competition. Do you want to experience the thrill of battling with aliens in space, conquering kingdoms, and building empires in the galaxy? Our list of the Best Space Strategy Games is a great place to start.