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Sliding Tile Puzzle Games

Sliding Tile Puzzles

Sliding tile puzzles are some of the most entertaining kind of logic and math puzzles out there. If you enjoy challenging your brain, playing with numbers, and solving puzzles of different kinds, then the sliding tile puzzle is your perfect fit. What sets the sliding puzzle apart from most other puzzles is the movement of the pieces. In most puzzles, you can lift the pieces off the table to fit them in any arrangement. However, sliding tiles do not lift off the puzzle board, so it takes strategic combinations of movements in order to achieve the desired results. 

Oftentimes, these puzzles will be arranged to create a picture in the end, just like a regular puzzle. However, there are some other types of sliding tile puzzles that involve arranging numbers in order. The 15 puzzle is perhaps the most famous of the sliding number puzzles, requiring logic and spatial awareness to move numbered blocks to ordered rows and columns. The 15 puzzle has 15 numbered tiles and 16 total spaces (one left blank to allow sliding), which is a good example of the setup for most sliding tile puzzles. Even the picture based sliding puzzles typically have one space blank to allow for strategic sliding. 

Sliding Tile Puzzle Mobile Apps

While the challenge of these sliding tile puzzles is enjoyable, the not so enjoyable part is the hardware. With complicated mechanisms snapping the pieces on to the board, and lots of pieces to keep up with, I wouldn't really label these games as convenient and portable. But what if you could play them on your phone? No more physical pieces or carrying a board game around with you: just fun swipe-and-solve puzzle games that will challenge your brain right from your phone. Now that's something I'd readily put into the "convenient and portable" category. 

With sliding tile puzzle apps on your phone, you'll be able to play at work or in the car. You can even enjoy them on the elliptical machine at the gym. If you have a natural aversion to cardio like me, you'll enjoy this distraction in the palm of your hand as your legs burn the calories. And these apps aren't just convenient: they include a variety of challenges, brain-sharpening game modes, and even multiplayer capabilities. 

Entertaining Challenges

If you're up to a challenge, these sliding tile puzzles can keep taking your skills to the next level. One of the most interesting features of sliding tile puzzles is their diversity. There are a variety of game modes to capture your attention and test your skills. For instance, you might find yourself stuck in traffic, having to slide tiles out of the way strategically in order to reach your destination quickly. Inspired by the board game Rush Hour, these sliding tile puzzles feature different sized blocks, tiles, or cars that require advanced strategic thinking. 

You might also find yourself on a quest for treasure, having to strategically arrange stones to form shapes or wind your way through an obstacle course. While these exciting challenges can be a thrill, it's also nice to slow it down from time to time. With peaceful picture puzzles, you can slide the tiles to arrange a beautiful landscape that will engage your brain and transport it to exotic locations. 

Relieve Stress & Sharpen Your Mind

The variety of challenges featured in sliding tile puzzle mobile apps will definitely keep your brain sharp. Continuing to put the problem-solving side of your brain can pay many dividends in the long run. Memory retention, finger dexterity, and critical thinking skills are all benefits of sliding tile puzzle apps, which makes them a useful way to spend your free time. 

For instance, people that struggle with anxiety can find an escape in games like sliding tile puzzles and Sudoku puzzle games. By putting the mind to work on a difficult but enjoyable/fulfilling tasks, players will pass their free time without dwelling on their worries. For so many of us, staying busy is a huge key to mental health, but constantly working can also be detrimental. Fortunately, these apps allow you an escape. The chance to solve a variety of puzzles and even create custom challenges of your own can occupy your mind when you're feeling overwhelmed. 

Challenge Your Friends

Along with stress-relief and brain-training, sliding tile puzzle mobile apps give you the chance to connect with friends over enjoyable competition. Available on iPhone and Android, most of these apps don't require cellular data or WiFi to play. However, their connective capabilities allow for multiplayer challenges. You and your friends can get together on the same app from different phones (and even different countries) to see who can complete challenges fastest. 

There are also connections to social media apps so you can share high scores and talk with your friends about new puzzle challenges. You can even upload screenshots of your crushing the most difficult challenges so that others can marvel at your next-level strategies and skills. And if your skills aren't quite so next level, you can watch videos of the best players for tips. 

With a lengthy list of features, sliding tile puzzle mobile apps are an entertaining way to challenge your brain. You can play on the go, play by yourself, or play with friends in a variety of game modes.