Slideshow Maker: How to Make Slideshows with Your Phone

Tell Your Story With a Slideshow

In this fast digital age, people are continually looking for ways to have fun and create lasting memories with their loved ones. Even in our busy schedule, we find time to go to beaches, parties, and have a picnic. We take many pictures and make countless goofy videos to preserve the memory of our best moments. Slideshows offer us a way to tell a story with these memorable pictures and videos creatively.

A slideshow is a presentation of photographic images following a predetermined sequence on a computer or smartphone. It's often accompanied by music and text that convey the emotions and information about the pictures. Recent slideshow-making apps allow users to attach emojis, special effects, and backgrounds. Sideshows find application in video lectures, speeches, and other oral presentations, and they display easy-to-interpret diagrams, reports, and graphs. However, slideshows have become very popular for their use in social media photo sharing.   

Create a Slideshow With Photos & Videos

With a slideshow maker, users can create picture montage using their photos and videos. These smartphone apps have an array of templates they can choose from. Their choice will depend on the meaningful story they want to tell. It could be a holiday, special moments, education, occasion, business, or sympathy template. After that, they upload their photos or videos from their file folder, and the app will automatically arrange them into a sequence.

Some slideshow apps allow users to upload videos from their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. An example is Scoompa Video, which is excellent for fast slideshow creation with pictures and videos from your gallery or the Internet. Another top-rated app is SlidePlus, which offers over a hundred themes and different background music. It also doubles as a video maker, allowing users to edit their videos for that extra touch. Many slideshow makers function as picture frame apps, with features that enable you to edit and add frames to your photos.

Add Music & Personalized Captions

Adding music and captions to your slideshows makes them even better. Additionally, you can enhance your picture montages with emoticons, animations, fonts, color themes, and filters. That way, you're able to create a more meaningful story rather than a bland display of photos. In Music Video Maker: Slideshow, users can easily add music to the slideshow from a list of free songs available on the platform. Also, the app has several filters and effects such as time lapses, slow motion, and speed to make your story more creative.

With slideshow apps, users can mix pictures, videos, and music to create a personal movie. Pixgram allows you to make a creative montage in three steps: add photos and videos, choose any of your favorite music, and get your slideshow instantly. It’s compatible with various file formats, including, MP4, JPG, PNG, GIF, and MOV.

Share Your Slideshows With Friends & Family

When done creating your slide show, and you're happy with the job you've done, the next thing is to share it with your loved ones. Slideshow-making apps come with social media buttons for easily sharing your wonderful moments with friends and family.

You can share it with your contacts on WhatsApp, friends on Facebook, or followers on Twitter. Also, you can send the slideshow via email, or save it in your local file folder for a later date. Regardless of the option you go for, most slideshow makers offer high-resolution versions that highlight the beauty in your photos and videos. 

Create Lasting Memories

Whether it’s a graduation party or a friend’s party, a cousin’s wedding, or a road trip, slideshows are a way to create lasting memories. While selfie apps give us the best photos and video editors make us the most exciting videos, slideshow makers give us more than just pictures. With the relatable templates and impressive effects, your favorite images and videos can tell a remarkable story.

With absolutely no design skills required, many people find slideshows a fun way to create and share exciting moments with other people. While there are many web-based slideshow making platforms, mobile apps offer a more convenient and faster means to curate beautiful stories every time. Although the process is relatively easy, most people will appreciate the creativity you put into it.

For many people, slideshows are a fantastic way to celebrate the incredible moments of life. Slideshow apps not only make it easier and faster to create picture montages, but they also have a library of songs, multiple templates, and several filter options to allow the user to make the show as intriguing as possible. If you're looking to try out one of these apps, our list of the Best Slideshow-Making Apps is a good place to start.