Setting up Flash Alerts the Right Way

Why Flash Alerts Are Important

Flash alerts have been incorporated into most smartphones nowadays given that it has many uses. Its importance is especially recognized in situations where you have to keep your phone silent either because you are in the middle of an important discussion with your colleague or you simply don't want to disturb others with a ringtone. In such a scenario, instead of disabling the notification, you set up LED flash alerts. This is an option whereby the camera's flash will be used to indicate that you have a new notification from one of your apps.

It must, however, be noted that this can consume a significant amount of battery power if used continuously. With the help of flash alert notification apps, there are ways to mitigate this issue by setting up alerts for certain situations only.

Setting up Alerts for Breaking News

One such situation could be in an event there is breaking news that you need to be immediately aware of. It's well known that the news cycle is continuously on alert and it's always on alert of the latest happenings. These could include flood warnings, hurricane alerts, or even a major update in current world affairs. These stories are constantly developing and it's important that you set up these notifications in a manner that lets you stay updated with such alerts.

Thankfully, with the help of flash alert apps and third-party newspaper apps, this is doable in a manner that does not hinder your productivity with unnecessary notifications. One of the best ways to keep up with them is by installing certain news alert apps on your smartphone, which you could thereafter tweak the settings to ensure you never miss a breaking news alert.

Creating Custom Notifications on Your Phone

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android, there are various ways for you to create custom notifications which indicate the type of flash alerts that you want to give a higher priority. These are especially important if you don't want to be disturbed during a meeting or during an intense discussion that requires your utmost attention.

In other words, by setting up personal notifications, it can advise you on whether to respond to a notification among various other default notifications that one may receive at a particular time. Certain flash alert apps let you set this up fairly easily. Alternatively, you could look for a comprehensive flashlight app that lets you do the same.

One other interesting aspect provided by certain flash alert apps is the ability to customize the flash alert speed. For instance, you could set the alert to blink faster if it requires more immediate attention compared to slow blinks for notifications that don't.

Getting Notified of Calls & Text Messages

If your mobile device is in silent or vibration mode, most alerts can fail to grab your attention. This could be particularly concerning if it alerts relating to an important call or text. An alternative would be to set up a flash alert app that gives you the option to create custom LED flash alerts for incoming calls and text messages. Most apps have the in-built feature of simply toggling it on and off through a simple tap on your mobile phone.

More advanced apps such as Ultimate Flash Alerts help you customize these alerts depending on various scenarios such as Low Power Mode, Vibration Mode, etc. Some of them also serve as an extension feature on smartphones that do not natively have flash alerts.

Different Kinds of Flash Alerts

There are many use cases for flash alerts that one could think of. If you don't like the sound of ringtones or vibrations each time you set reminders, you could use a timer app that makes use of flash alerts to indicate a lap time or a countdown. This feature can be particularly useful when you're parents of a newborn and don't want any ringtones or vibration alerts to wake the baby up yet, you still need a solution to set an alarm or a reminder.

Alternatively, emergency flash alert apps are also a great way to keep you informed of any important alerts that you wouldn't want to miss even if you are in the middle of an important discussion. As discussed above, these emergency alerts can also be customized based on the importance you give to each category of alerts such as natural disasters, change in political events, etc.

Finally, you could use a broadcasting app such as Telegram which provides flash notifications of any important conversations that you are following. Additionally, this category could also include tweets from your Twitter account or WhatsApp Business notifications from your favorite chat groups.

Despite the many use cases of setting up flash alerts, they are best adopted when it's customized to your requirements. Whether it's for emergencies, reminders or broadcasts, you can set them up in a manner that does not distract you unless it absolutely requires your attention - which in turn is its ultimate purpose.

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