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As science and tech evolve, the news surrounding them continues to give society insight into the impact that these two areas have on both daily life and global development. 

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Throughout the history of science and technology, the two subjects have always been intertwined. New breakthroughs in science lead to potential breakthroughs for technological advances. And new technologies always lead to the potential for more specific scientific study, leading to more breakthroughs. It's a self-propelling cycle, one that has influenced advancements in both fields for thousands of years. As these two forces drive each other, they also influence life on Earth as we know it. Any scientific essay, article, study, or theory was made possible from years of scientific excellence combined with the latest technologies. We have these two fields to thank for how the world has progressed. From physics enhancing the way we create cars to biology making an impact on the world of health and medicine, science and technology are arguably the largest driving factors behind the development of the world. 

As science and technologies began escalating and enhancing the development of the world, it led to a 21st-century society that is almost entirely dominated by technology. The actual word "technology" is Greek and can be defined as "science of craft". And that's exactly what the 21st-century citizens of the first world use it for; using science in millions of specific applications in order to make life easier, cheaper, more efficient, more productive, or more fun. This goal has led to almost unlimited options of technologies for different areas of life. As people look for ways to make their life easier or more productive through technology, they'll find tech reviews in a magazine or online. New technologies even pop up in the daily news along with Wall Street Journal and New York Times articles. These new technologies have also manifested themselves in the world of mobile apps, which have become increasingly more specific to promote productivity and enjoyment in everyday life. 

As society has been drastically changed by the advancements of science and technology, these two subjects have also had a monumental influence on military strategy and equipment. Military technology describes any technology used for warfare and training of armed forces personnel. While there are many technologies that cross the line between military and civilian technology, there are also a lot of advancements that have only been made available for military purposes. Typically, these types of exclusive discoveries become available for civilian use after they have been introduced for military purposes. For instance, as the science and technology behind robots became more advanced, flying drones were put to use in militaristic applications. From drones that fly on their own to drones that are flown by a human from a remote location, this technology saves hundreds of pilots from risk every year. However, now that this tech is more common, companies have begun using drones to take photographs from high above sea level to capture stunning images and even deliver packages to doorsteps. 

These new technologies, such as the use of drones, have had a significant impact on business. Obviously, tech companies that sell exclusive technologies, resources, hardware, and software have profited from their ability to create something that other people need to enjoy life or make a profit themselves. The iPhone is a great example of this. Many business people now feel as if they need an iPhone or an equally-effective smartphone in order to be successful at their own business, so Apple profits off of this notion. However, even businesses that simply use technology to be more productive have been largely impacted by the spread of technology over the last decade. As students become well-versed in these new technologies during college, they are quickly becoming assets to companies who are trying to update their workflows to utilize technology and be more productive. For instance, a skill such as transforming a PDF into a Word document becomes second nature to most college students by the time they graduate. On the other hand, older business people who have been in their own field for years or decades may have no clue. This dichotomy leads to an interesting mix in many new business offices of young, recently graduated employees and older employees who are experts in the specific methods of the industry. 

As scientists continue to push the boundaries of technology to create profitable inventions and elevate the quality of life for more citizens around the world, science and tech will continue to evolve. As hard as it is to believe, the advanced tech of today will soon be outdated and someone will be selling a collection of smartphones from our generation as display antiques. We don't yet know what weird science discoveries may be looming around the corner, but we do know the impact that the recent surge in technology has had on our own world. The more advanced the technology, the tighter the hold it seems to have on society. Only time will tell what kinds of impacts the latest technologies could have on our lives. 

As science and technology continue to advance, they both become more significant factors in the way people live their lives and interact with the world around them.