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💲 💊 Save Money on Medication with The Best Drug Guide Apps

If you rely on medication, it can be tempting to order prescriptions from a foreign country, but they likely aren’t verified by the FDA.

This is a risk because you might order the wrong drug or apply the wrong dosage and thus endanger your health.

Nevertheless, you still want to save money, so we bring you three tips on how to save money on medication without taking any risks.

1. Insurance vs Retail Prices

Although insurance prices seem like a sure way to go, the truth is you can save money on retail prices.

Ask to compare retail and insurance whenever buying medication as coverage can boost the price of an otherwise inexpensive drug.

Another thing you can do is use discount apps to get further information on current discounts for a specific drug.

No drug coverage? No problem! Compare prescription drug discounts for the best discount card near you. Save tons of money and pick up your prescriptions today!

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2. Mail-Order vs Local Prices

Mail-order pharmacies are convenient, but they aren’t necessarily cheaper as it’s the case with food or clothes industry.

The convenience can come at a “high price“ due to a risk of error in communication. Services take necessary precautions, but you can end up with the wrong med.

It’s smart to compare the prices and go to your local pharmacy. This way you’re sure you’re getting what you need.

3. Ask for a Lower-Cost Generic

A generic drug is a drug that has the same effect as the original one, but it’s allowed for sale only after the original drug’s patent expires.

You’ll usually get the prescription for the original drug, but generic drugs are cheaper. So next time, ask if there’s a more affordable generic drug.

An alternative is bound to come out and you can inform yourself with apps like Drugs.com.

Like with everything in life, being informed is the best way to save money and ensure you’re getting the most out of something.

Although your medication is vital, by informing yourself, you can not only save money but also get better service.

You can use The Best 10 Drug Guide Apps to get the necessary information before you visit a pharmacy. Just remember, never take actions without talking to your pharmacist first.

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