🚌 Save Money on Commuting with The Best Public Transportation Apps

According to the American Public Transportation Association, you can save $9,370 on average if you completely switch to public transport for commuting.

Unfortunately, for many of us, this is an extreme change in life. But by mixing your usual commuting with a couple of alternatives, you can save money without switching completely.

We bring you three tips on how to take the most out of multiple commuting options.

1. Map Out Your Route

Although you might be hesitant to use public transport, keep in mind it’s much faster to get to your destination now than it was before.

Even better, you can save even more money if you plan your route instead of jumping on the first bus or train.

We suggest Transit because it not only maps out the route so you don’t waste time, but you instantly get the cheapest route as well.

2. Make Use of Early/Late Trains

Oddly enough, trains can be faster and cheaper if you commute in the morning or during afternoon rush hours.

It’s a great way to save money without sacrificing time because all you have to do is find a train that goes your direction.

To quickly check if there’s a matching transport, you can use CityMapper because it offers routes for any forms of public transportation.

3. Carpool the Smart Way

Let’s say you commute 20 miles every day. On average that sums to $850 fuel cost just on commuting.

If you carpool at least twice per week, you can drop your fuel cost to about $250 depending on where you live.

Finally, popular ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber are now offering carpool services so you can find people who commute the same route and split the cost.

In the age of ride-sharing & cab apps, there’s no need to stand on a curb & wave for a car. Get the best taxi & ridesharing service right where you are!

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Commuting has become not only easier but also cheaper thanks to technology. But you can save even more money if you use the available tools wisely.

The Best 10 Public Transportation Apps make it easy to find both the fastest and cheapest way to get from point A to point B.

For those of us who commute every single day, this becomes a valuable asset, especially when using it the smart way.

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