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Table of Contents

  1. 1. Gaining Skills Along the Way
  2. 2. Apps Come Into Play With Your Search
  3. 3. What is a Dream Job?
  4. 4. You Definitely Need a Game Plan
  5. 5. Show Them You're Reliable
When what is your greatest joy and gladness aligns with what the world needs, that’s a dream job.
- The Rev. Greg Allen-Pickett

It wasn’t until after he had logged time in the airline and non-profit industries that Greg Allen-Pickett realized his higher calling in life: Ministry.

Pickett, 42, has served as a pastor in the Presbyterian church for 7 years. He believes he has found his dream job, one he considers his vocation in life.

The journey to his discernment was hardly automatic, however. But between attending seminary, serving internships in hospitals and churches, and conversations with learned friends familiar with his strengths and weaknesses, he was able to ascend the ladder to obtain a position he feels is heaven-sent.

Gaining Skills Along the Way

“The biggest thing for me was, 'Is this God’s will for my life?'” Allen-Pickett said. “I just really felt this tug on my heart, and it came to a point where I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”

Driven by his leadership qualities and passion to help others, he is grateful to have found his calling in his second career go-around. He counts his prior work experiences as a blessing, having acquired social and technical skills at each position that continue to serve him well in his pastoral role.

As Allen-Pickett learned through life experiences, landing one’s dream job is a multi-step process. Knowing where to turn, who to trust, and what steps to take are of utmost importance in the journey to unlocking key opportunities that make it possible for one to attain his or her career aspirations.

To this end, apps can be invaluable aids in the process, helping to connect the dots that establish relationships and forge networks that yield results.

From creating the perfect resume to finding job leads and career opportunities, apps help searchers narrow the field in pursuit of the perfect position.

What is a Dream Job?

Identifying a position that matches one’s personality and skill set is a vital first step in any job search process, Allen-Pickett said. “When people talk with me about career and job transitions, I use the term vocation, which is really a calling.

Frederick Buechner describes vocation as the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need. When what is your greatest joy and gladness aligns with what the world needs, that’s a dream job.”

You Definitely Need a Game Plan

Establishing a workable game plan is essential to achieving any dream in life. According to Success Magazine’s article, ‘7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream,” written by Chris Widener, daring to believe in one’s goals can be the catalyst that sets said goals into motion. Other moving parts identified include possessing a clear vision of the desired plan, plotting a course of action, and following through with it.

Just how much a person is willing to invest in their dream job will likely determine their fate in achieving success in their chosen field. Bank president and branch founder Terry Anstine understands well the importance of schooling and life experiences can play when pursuing a dream position. Being the first to arrive and last to leave his post as a federal bank examiner showcased his dedication and commitment to his employer as he climbed the ladder to career success.

Show Them You're Reliable

As a matter of fact, Anstine knows what supervisors are looking at.

“You want to be viewed as somebody who is in it for the greater good,” Anstine said. “Being reliable is huge. If you’ve got an owner or supervisor who knows you are reliable, that is going to set you apart quickly from the herd.

“If it’s easy to see that a person views their job as a career and wants to be the best, they will rise to the top. If you give it your best effort, you are going to look like a darn rock star.”

Maximum effort typically yields maximum results, he said. Anything less may prove a stumbling block to reaching new heights.

“A lot of folks don’t pedal full speed,” he said. “Impress your boss. They may become your greatest reference down the road. Doing your best all the time is the secret key to success.”

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