😷 Relieve Spring Allergies with The Best Symptom Checker Apps

For most people, spring is a beautiful time of the year when everything comes to life, but for others, spring can be a real nightmare.

Although the real hell starts in March when nature fully wakes up, spring allergies can begin as early as January.

To help you out, we gathered three useful tips for managing your allergies and relieving the pain.

1. Washing Hair Keeps Pollen Out

We are sure you're already washing your hair, but during the allergy season, washing hair has more benefits than just looking pretty.

Pollen and allergens love the hair as it's super easy to stick to it, turning your head into a real allergy bomb.

To prevent the explosion, you should wash hair after outdoors. You can also use apps like WebMD Allergy to check the pollen level.

2. Track The Daily Air Quality

The smaller the particles, the easier it is for them to enter your lungs and cause all kinds of problems.

Since pollen isn't the only thing that can get into your lungs, you should also check the daily air quality level.

Air quality is color-coded in weather reports and orange is considered unhealthy for people with allergy problems. Either stay indoor or take frequent breaks outside.

Real-time air quality data when you need it most! Keep your family healthy and environmentally conscious with air pollution information delivered to you daily.

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3. Ditch Your Outdoor Clothes

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go out and face the music. In that case, make sure you ditch your clothes as soon as you come home.

Same as with hair, pollen can easily stick to fabric and even your shoes.

Leave your shoes outside, change clothes and throw "the pollen affected" shirt and pants into the hamper.

If you're suffering from spring allergy problem, you know it's nearly impossible to completely remove the nuisance.

But you can make it easier on yourself with these simple tips.

Finally, in case the symptoms still act up, we suggest checking your symptoms with one of The Best 10 Symptom Checker Apps and consulting your doctor right away.

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