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Do you know how visiting distant relatives is often dull? That’s the main reason the youngest generation is using Facebook today – to keep in touch with family.

In 2015, 71% of teens were using Facebook, while in 2018 the number fell to 51%. 

Some apparent changes are happening with Instagram and Snapchat overtaking the podium.

We bring you 3 Generation Z trends that are reshaping the usage of social media for the new era.

1. Where Friends Are Right Now

Back in the old days (only a few years ago), Facebook was a fun place young people used to stay in touch with friends.

But today, for Gen-Z, Facebook isn't even in the first ten reasons for using social media.

The main reason teens use social media is to find out where friends are right now, and the favorite platform for that is Snapchat.

2. Social Media for Social Change

Still, not all is lost for Facebook when it comes to teens. Young people use social media for social change more than any other generation.

And for a good cause, Facebook is still a viable resource, although it does fall back for other daily usages.

But the noble activity is also changing with more apps like One Today popping up that make charity and similar actions more practical.

3. Teens Value Privacy

It turns out teens value their privacy more than other generations as well. Just not in the way you might think.

Teens still share private information, but they are making sure only the selected people see it.

Facebook makes it hard to stay completely anonymous, but many other social platforms allow you to hide your identity completely.

Send private SMS and keep everyone from snooping in your business. Make privacy simple with these great private texting apps.

Private Messaging

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Best 10 Private Messaging Apps

Although you can be sure Facebook is here to stay, changes are happening. 

To make it even more apparent, Facebook's Messenger is currently not even in The 10 Best Messaging Apps either for Android or iOS.

Instead, some new apps are taking over and some new generations are fueling the change.

For now, it's Gen Z, but there's a new generation on the horizon called Gen Alpha (born between 2011 and 2025).

Some of them aren't even born yet, but we can't but wonder what change they will bring?

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