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🍎 Recognize Healthy Groceries with The Best Grocery Shopping Apps

🍎 Recognize Healthy Groceries with The Best Grocery Shopping Apps

By Feb 4, 2019

When grocery shopping for your family, it can be hard to recognize healthy food. Understanding the ingredients list, food codes, how markets work and using The Best 10 Grocery Shopping Apps can help you out.

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When grocery shopping, it's best to stick to the produce section if you want to get your hands on healthy food.

But even then, ensuring only the best for your family consists of trying to decode complex tags, codes, and numbers you don't understand.

To make it easier for you, we bring you three grocery shopping tips to help you know if healthy food is truly healthy.

1. Organic Isn't Always Healthy

Although a sticker saying organic food is tempting, it can be misleading. Whenever buying items like salsa or broth, be sure to check the ingredients list.

Even with the tag, food can have refined sugar, artificial flavors, and other unhealthy components.

But, even then it can be hard to understand so we suggest Fooducate as the app gives easy-to-understand info with a quick barcode scan.

2. Code Tells if Food is Modified

When shopping for fruits or vegetables, you often see those little stickers with numbers on an apple or tomato.

If there are only four numbers, that means the item was grown in the traditional way using pesticides.

In the case of five numbers, if the first number is 8, the fruit or vegetable is genetically modified. If the first number is 9, the food is organic.

3. Stick to The Edge of a Market

Grocery stores may differ, but if you pay attention, you'll realize one common thing; the "deeper" you go, the more unhealthy the items get.

If you want to shop for healthy food, stay on the edge of the store as that's where you'll find fresh fruit, fish or even healthy snacks.

While sticking to the edge, make sure you use the first two tips to maximize on buying healthy food.

Making sure you buy healthy is important, especially if you have kids. Luckily, you can easily make sure you provide the best you can if you follow the three simple tips.

Finally, shopping for healthy food can be even easier with The Best 10 Grocery Shopping Apps.

Many of the listed apps allow you to quickly check the food's origin or ingredients without leaving your house.

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