QR Code Scanner & Creator Still Have a Purpose

QR Code Scanner & Creator Still Have a Purpose

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QR Codes have a variety of uses and creating one has never been easier. Using a QR Code scanner and creator apps can open up a whole new world of opportunity right from your phone. 

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The term QR code means Quick Response code and that's exactly what it does for you. It's a kind of bar code, in that it contains a link to more information on whatever item it is attached to. By now, we have all seen QR codes on a number of things and maybe even used some ourselves. It seems like it is a relatively new concept; however, it has actually been around since 1994 in Japan

Since a Japanese car manufacturing company first created the idea for a QR code, it was attached to a car to provide more information on the vehicle such as mileage or location. There were special machines that would scan these QR codes and provide any sort of information that existed, but it was a number of years phones adopted the capability. 

Now, the clunky, outdated piece of equipment is obsolete. You not only can use your smartphone to scan QR codes and read up on any available information but also as a QR code generator. 

Having a QR Scanner has a number of benefits. So many different companies have begun using these QR codes that it is incredibly informative and convenient to have them on your phone. Usually, a company will put these QR codes on their logo or their products. 

This is a great way to save money on printed materials and allow customers to read up on your products conveniently. In the old days, a customer would see a logo and think, "That looks interesting. I wonder where there's more information on that company." They then might have to look up the information on the Internet or try to find more information connected to the logo or product. 

In comparison, the whole process was horribly inconvenient and inefficient. If a customer wasn't super interested in a product, there was no reason to go through the trouble of looking up the website. With a QR code, however, a customer can simply scan the code with their phone and be redirected to the website or social media counts. It's the ease of information at its finest. 

Since the transfer of information is so easy, companies began using the QR code technology in a variety of forums, with lots of different intended uses. First of all, it's a brilliant marketing strategy. Saving paper is a popular leg to stand on in the current global opinion, and making things more convenient for the customer is a necessary step to not getting left behind by the competition.

Also, less emphasis is being placed on companies' websites, while more emphasis has been placed on social media content. By scanning a QR code, customers can quickly get redirected to a company's social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook to have all of the content at their fingertips. 

Furthermore, since phones are enabled with navigation features, a QR code will help get customers to the actual place of business much more quickly. Instead of finding the website, looking up the address, and finding the address on a map, some of the best QR software can pull up the closest business location on the users' smartphone navigation apps. 

As a matter of fact, if you run a business and don't use a QR code creator, you're missing out on a dynamic tool. QR codes will help get more people to your store and make it more convenient to get information on the products you're selling. It's essentially a lead generator and a lead-nurturer all in one, meaning it attracts the attention of new customers and helps keep their attention up to the point of the sale. 

Instead of fighting for space on a Google search page, all you need to do is get your QR code in front of a customer who's willing to scan it, and they'll end up on the website or social media account you'll need. This not only makes it easier for customers to get information on your item, but it will also save your paper, ink, and other physical marketing materials. If you've got a convenient way to generate QR codes, you can put them on a variety of materials for a variety of purposes, leading to more interested customers who become more informed customers. 

Furthermore, even if you're not running a business, having an app that can generate QR codes and place them on items can be very convenient. Mobile QR code apps don't have to be limited to only benefiting business owners and large corporations; they can actually help you right at home. 

Let's say you're having guests over. What's the first question they're going to ask? Yep. "What's the WiFi password?" Instead of telling them it's on the back of the router or reading them what sounds like it may as well be a nuclear launch code, you could use a QR code generator. Attach the generated QR code to a convenient location where your guests will see it, and they can scan the code, connecting to the network with ease. 

Along with WiFi, QR codes will also help you with daily tasks like online shopping, paying with your phone and even video games. Many of the newest games, especially ones involving stories, will let the users scan QR codes throughout the game to advance the storyline. 

In the modern world, convenience and connecting with the consumer at every level is key to the success of a business. QR code mobile apps can help your business connect with more people, or simply make your life easier. 

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