Pro Tips to Pick the Best Puzzle RPG App

Take Baby Steps in Case You're a Beginner

In the world of gaming, not everything is as straightforward as it first appears. Sometimes, the oddest genres are thrown together, only to result in some surprisingly entertaining apps. Try to combine traditional puzzles, role-playing games, and a bit of strategy. Believe it or not - it works. In fact, there are quite a few of these puzzle RPGs around, so picking the best one may take some time. We offer you a few ideas on how to go about it.

Perhaps the most obvious choice, if you are new to the genre, is to go for an easy one. The first ride around the virtual block should be pleasant. There is no need to get burdened by complex puzzles and elaborate storylines just yet. Simply take it easy and get used to the mechanics. Even a game for kids could do the trick.

Over time, you will be able to delve deeper into this virtual realm. In fact, puzzle RPGs can be surprisingly complex and unpredictable, mixing disparate influences and always keeping you on your toes. Only when you feel ready to take a bigger bite should you move onto titles known for being a tad difficult. The big, dangerous quest will be waiting for you either way. It is best to come prepared.

Choose Between Medieval Fantasy & Manga

The average puzzle RPG is pretty difficult to define. In fact, the genre itself can sometimes be so varied as to warrant more than a few internal subdivisions. This can make picking the right title for yourself a bit difficult. Some will take on a contemporary theme while many will propel you into the world of massive battles and mighty empires.

In fact, epic fantasy, in particular, seems to be a popular choice. It offers you a chance to strike fear into your opponent, get rid of a dragon or two, and really become the master of your magical craft. Give it a try, even if you are not a fan of "The Lord of the Rings" or "Game of Thrones." You might be pleasantly surprised by how immersive the experience can be.

On the other hand, you can also explore what East Asia has to offer. Anime and manga, particularly popular in Japan and South Korea, have built a strong foundation for a number of different game genres. Puzzle RPGs have profited from this fertile soil tremendously. You can choose among literally hundreds of games that draw their inspiration from this aesthetic. From ancient Japanese history to the depths of the universe in the space age, there will be plenty to like and enjoy.

Consider If You Prefer Strategy or Action

Nearly all puzzle RPGs carry a strong strategic component. This is an important segment of the premise and, even if the mechanics largely remain simple and single-player-oriented, tactical thinking and strong logistics are an indispensable part of the equation. When choosing the best app for you, it is important to consider whether you prefer a game deeply steeped in strategy or perhaps one more focused on action.

A title with a tactical bend will be somewhat slower in its pace. It will allow you to carefully deliberate each move, weigh in the pros and cons of every situation, and really get the most out of the intellectual segment of the gameplay. You won't have to jump the gun too often but will instead have time to think twice and make every decision at your own leisure.

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in action, there will still be plenty to choose from. Despite their orientation toward puzzle-solving and riddles, these games can still involve plenty of fighting, allowing you to go on a proper epic adventure and tackle some pretty impressive enemies.

Think About Real-Time & Turn-Based Play

Speaking of strategy, it is important to remember that there are two sides to this coin. Most puzzle RPGs will thus go one way or the other - either toward real-time or turn-based play. Combining the two is comparatively rare so you may need to decide which one makes more sense to you and which will better suit your style of play.

Real-time action is perhaps the most popular in general but appears rarely in the world of puzzle games. It is fast-paced and offers little to no time for deliberation. If you pick this sort of app, you will have to keep it moving, rely on pure skill and a bit of luck in order to win.

Turn-based role-playing games will be more common. They are slower, giving you more time to think and weigh every single move you make. The average app may even let you take a break from the game for a few days. When you return, you will still be able to achieve great success. It is also an excellent choice if you want to opt for a multiplayer session but cannot possibly get all of your friends to be online at the same hour.

Select a Multiplayer Game & Invite Some Friends

Speaking of playing with your buddies, there will be a number of different variables to consider if you want to embark on such an adventure. Keeping your data safe is a crucial part of the deal. When connecting, you should be able to do so without any intruders. All your personal data should be encrypted, stored on a cloud, and well protected from any potential attackers. This way, all the participants will feel a lot safer, being able to relax, unwind, and truly enjoy the puzzle RPG to the max. Also, being able to play across all platforms - including Android, iOS, and PC - should be a priority.

In addition to your core gang, you also ought to be able to play with total strangers. Not every app, however, allows for this so you should pay special attention if this is one of your goals. Once you select the right title, you will be free to enter a vast multiplayer universe, participate in an exciting match, and even win some prizes. A trophy or two will definitely stroke your ego the right way.

With our Pro Tips to Pick the Best Puzzle RPG App in mind, you can consider yourself well prepared to explore the Best 10 Puzzle Role Playing Games and make some pretty amazing choices.