Private Messaging: How to Send One Using Your Smartphone

Private Messaging: How to Send One Using Your Smartphone

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Humans are social animals and always look to share information. Thanks to messaging apps, we can achieve this without having to meet up. Though, there are some instances where we want to keep our messages private, here's how to go about it. 

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Private messaging describes the process of sending messages between two or more parties, and third-party or external parties not participating or included in the messaging sequence can't view such messages. It helps users keep their messages away from the prying eyes of the public. It's also invaluable for sending confidential or sensitive information, say, a business strategy, or access codes to coworkers.

Many top social networks and dating apps offer users this option through direct or personal messaging. Major brands such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp offer users the chance to send personal messages to each other. These messages are end-to-end encrypted, so the provider of the connection can't view your message.

Though social media platforms offer users decent private messaging options, they fail to resonate with users who wish to send confidential messages. Users often look to private messaging apps designed for such purposes, as these apps offer a wide range of options to help keep your messages just between you two.

In 2010 Facebook came under criticism for breaching users' privacy in its messaging system, an act that made users sensitive to sending confidential messages on the social platform. Also, many social media platforms keep you logged in to improve user experience; this means an assailant doesn't have to be a hacker to access your messages. Clicking on the app will give access to your user profile. 

Using personal messaging apps comes with the following pros:

● It's a high-level security option for use by individuals and organizations.

● Users have the option to stay anonymous when private messaging.

● It decreases the chances of accidental public sharing since users have separate messaging options.

● Using personal messaging apps means users have access to message records. If you forget the specifics of a conversation, you can easily refer to your message records.

● It's simple to use.

Private auto-reply messaging apps help provide businesses with essential automation services.

● It's a cost-effective means of communication. 

The smartphone is the go-to option for most when sending private messages. Most devices often come with their default personal messaging app, but these apps offer limited security or privacy options. Installing a top third-party private messaging app is the best option for exchanging secure messages on your smartphone. 

There are hundreds of personal messaging apps in major app stores. When considering the best, apps such as Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling, TextU - Private SMS Messenger, Call app, and Private Message Box: Hide SMS often top the list for many. These apps offer the user multiple privacy options alongside a secure and reliable messaging system. They aren't just suitable for individual use but are also capable of being excellent communication tools in a workplace environment. 

Many wonder what features make a private messaging app stand out as one of the best for sending personal messages. Here's a list of features of the best private messaging apps.

High Level of Privacy

The first noticeable feature when searching for a personal messaging app is privacy. A top private messaging app should offer high-level confidentiality. There should be security measures in place before gaining access to the app's interface. WhatsApp recently implemented one of such features on its app; users now have the option to use their fingerprints to gain access to the app.

Message Recalls

A top private messaging app offers users the option to recall or delete messages after sending them. Many apps provide variations of this feature; users can delete messages or set a timer for messages to self-delete after the recipient reads it.


This feature is a form of camouflage private messaging apps use to throw invaders off. They do this by mimicking the appearance of a non-messaging app, such as a calculator in the app menu. Calculator Pro+ - Private Message & Call Screening is one such app. Users can only gain access to its messaging interface after entering the password in the calculator interface.

Multiple Privacy Options

Top private messaging apps come with a wide range of privacy options to improve message security. Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling offers users the opportunity to send anonymous messages through burner numbers.

Sometimes these apps extend their privacy services outside messaging; consider the app Private Text Messaging + Secure Texting & Calling. Smartphone users can use this app to hide and lock videos, photos, documents, contacts, and more in its privacy vault. 

Private messaging apps help ensure only readers you permit to read your messages do so. Want to keep your messages away from prying eyes? Here's our list of the top private messaging apps to get you well on your way. 

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