Preschool & Kindergarten

Preschool & Kindergarten Mobile Apps

If you ask a lot of parents, preschool and kindergarten games might be limited to action figures, race cars, and sports equipment. While I'm a big fan of all three of those, I also understand a child's fascination with screens.  Mobile games for cell phones and tablets are just so interesting, engaging, and entertaining...how can a toy car or wooden train compare? Old school toys are great, and they all have their place. After all, children shouldn't spend all day on a phone, tablet, or in front of a TV. I'm sure we'd all agree on that.

However, our modern world is dominated by screens. A lot of people work in front of screens all day, and people who don't know how to properly use technology, especially phones and computers, will get left behind eventually. So, maybe it's not such a bad thing if your children get acquainted with this kind of technology early on. 

Educational Game Benefits

As a parent, you might be reluctant to allow your children to occupy themselves with mobile games. However, you can rest assured that preschool and kindergarten mobile games will actually benefit their social and educational skills as they develop. Let's be honest with ourselves. No one wants to listen to a screaming child throwing a tantrum when all they want is to play a game on a phone. Now, as a parent, you won't have to feel so guilty getting them to calm down by giving in to their boisterous demands. 

Fortunately for parents, these mobile learning games can provide many of the same benefits children would get from a traditional classroom setting. According to gamelearning.com, educational mobile apps can help children develop critical and strategic thinking skills, and even help develop a little bit more focus for students with attention deficit disorders. 

Variety of Subjects

Furthermore, just like in a classroom, preschool and kindergarten mobile apps will provide different subjects to cater to different interests. Budding young students may not know which subjects interest them the most, but they'll quickly gain an insight into the various disciplines they'll experience in school. As they take on the challenges that English, science, and math Learning games can provide, they'll realize how much fun learning can be. 

And of course, preschool students and kindergarten students may all be at different learning levels. That's why the games include a variety of subjects, from counting games to reading games, so that everyone can benefit right from where they are. Even if they aren't in school yet, children can benefit from getting to know the different subjects and creating a positive relationship with them. Instead of finding out what science is from a textbook, they'll learn to love science through educational games. 

A Parent's Best Friend

Along with benefitting students, preschool and kindergarten games are also a saving grace for parents who are ready for their children to entertain themselves. Yet, some parents might feel lazy or guilty if they hand their child a tablet to entertain themselves. However, many of these free mobile apps will help prepare children for the challenges they'll face in elementary school, so there's nothing wrong with some educational screen time. 

These games are especially helpful during the summer months when children are stuck at home, lacking the entertainment of the school year. As a parent, it may be hard to keep your children busy during the summer, but these games can help provide some indoor fun. It's almost like sitting your children down in front of the TV and putting on PBS. Sure, it's screen time, but it's educational. After all, you can't make them play outside or read books every hour of the day, can you? 

Group Learning Opportunities

Finally, since these preschool and kindergarten mobile apps can provide so much entertainment and learning opportunities, they're also great for families or groups of students. When you download one of these apps on multiple devices, like a tablet and a smartphone, your children can play against each other or with each other. This not only helps parents entertain multiple children at once, but it also will help teachers educate multiple students at once. 

The only thing more fun than learning through games is learning with your friends, so the online connectivity features of these apps create a whole new layer of enjoyment. Students will be able to enjoy collaborative game modes, go on group adventures, or challenge each other in math or spelling competitions. As they play together, they'll find out just how much fun teamwork and group work can be, which is becoming more and more essential in a student's academic career. 

While these apps are a huge benefit to parents and teachers alike, the variety of subjects, educational benefits, and interactive play opportunities will quickly make them a child's favorite activity.