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Become a Pro With Poker Odds Calculator Apps

With a poker odds calculator, you can be the one to beat when poker night with your friends rolls around. No matter what your skill level, knowing the statistics, and playing smart can always help you improve your odds of winning. But who wants to carry around a cheat sheet with them? Having the odds calculator on your phone can actually help you more than a cheat sheet, for multiple reasons. 

First, you can study the poker odds of common hands as you look at your phone. Instead of scrolling social media while you're bored, you can be taking quizzes on the best poker decisions in certain hands and getting ready for the next time you play. You can also look at your phone a lot more easily as you play poker than a cheat sheet, and your friends won't shame you since they won't know what you're looking at. Along with easy ways to study up on your results, you'll be able to watch tutorials for beginners on playing the odds and develop your poker mind as you play different hands.  

Tutorials for Beginners

While poker odds calculator apps are useful for players of any skill level, they're especially helpful for beginners. If you think about it, knowing the odds of what the smart play is doesn't do you much good if you don't know basic strategy and the rules of the game. That's why there are tutorials to help you learn the basics and more. It's not enough to simply know the rules of the game and understand the statistics behind each hand. You have to combine the two. 

As you use these cheat sheet apps, you'll need a little help on applying the odds of each hand to your particular strategy. Remember, poker is a game of momentum, and you have to play it just right based on the situation you're in. No matter what the odds say, you'll want to play differently if you have a ton of chips versus when you're running low. Fortunately, these apps can help you learn the odds and how to apply them in certain situations. 

Quick Odds Cheat Sheet

Often times in poker, you just need to know the math really quickly before you can feel good about a decision. When you're on the fence about something, a quick glance at poker odds calculators can help you make the right decision based on the cards you've been dealt and the cards on the table. And don't worry. No one will think any less of you for using a cheat sheet, especially if you're hiding it on your phone. 

You see, it's no different from blackjack. In the casino, the dealer or the floor manager will let you know what the odds are or what "the book says" to do for certain blackjack hands. Having a poker cheat sheet by your side is the same idea, so there's nothing wrong with that. Plus, after you use it for a few hands, you'll have it memorized for the most part. 

Become a Smarter Poker Player

As you continue to use poker odds calculator apps more frequently, you'll realize that you already know the odds for many of the hands you play. You'll see when the flop comes out in Texas Hold ‘Em that you have pretty good odds for a straight, so you can bet big without even looking at the cheat sheet. It just takes repetition, some memorization, and study (but remember, you can study on your phone while you're stuck at work, in a waiting room, or on a bus). 

Many people say that poker is all about reading people, but knowing the odds can be just as important. For instance, if you're pretty sure that the player across from you is bluffing, but you know that the last card that came out decreased your odds by half, then what difference does it make? You should fold because the odds tell you to. Or, on the flip side, if you can't tell if your opponent is bluffing, but the odds are telling you that your hand is most likely the highest, more than likely you should bet big. Playing by the fundamentals and the statistics will almost always win out in the long run. 

Join Online Tournaments

Furthermore, as poker odds calculator apps help you develop into a brilliant poker mind, you can pit your new talents against the world's best. And that doesn't mean you have to go play professionally or get yourself on TV. You can compete for big money against big opponents right from your phone. As you play online on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can have these apps with you when you're trying to make an important decision. After all, winning big money means risking big money, so knowing the odds can help you reduce the stress of indecisiveness. 

With other online poker apps, you'll be able to find tournaments online of people with your skill level, experience, or, if you're playing for money, your budget. Even if you start out not knowing much about poker, these apps can help you win big in real poker tournaments online. 

Whether you're a novice or an old pro, these poker odds calculator apps can give you the quick stats you need to make the right decision. It's OK to have a little help when the bright lights are on and there are hundreds of dollars on the table (or if you just want to beat your friends). 

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