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🎮 Play as Favorite Characters with The Best Anime Action Games

🎮 Play as Favorite Characters with The Best Anime Action Games

By Feb 28, 2019

If you're a fan of anime like One Piece, Dragon Ball or Bleach, you probably tried to play anime games. To help you out, we bring you some of the most fun mobile anime games out of The Best 10 Anime Action Games.

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In the last 20 years, anime became such a phenomenon that there practically isn't a person who didn't watch at least one.

Hundreds of new anime are created each year, so it's only natural the gaming industry quickly caught up.

There are so many anime action games, we had a hard time getting the best ones. So we picked some of the most popular series and found the best games for you.

1. Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball has been around since 1984 and countless games came out for every gaming platform possible.

Dragon Ball Legends is currently one of the best for mobile phones with its action-packed gameplay.

Flying, fast swiping and powerful attacks transfer the anime action to the phone perfectly so any true fan can enjoy. We know we did.

2. Bleach - Brave Souls

Bleach is one of our favorite anime and we still can't get over the fact it is over.

Luckily, Brave Souls packs such great gameplay that it almost feels like a complete console game.

Although freemium, there's so much content that doesn't require payment like Story Mode and battles where you fight players around the world.

3. One Piece - Treasure Cruise

Just like Dragon Ball, One Piece is an anime mammoth with countless fighting and anime RPG games.

In Treasure Cruise, you create a 5-member crew and fight dynamic combats against antagonists you either love or hate.

One Piece has hundreds of characters and the game does a great job of including almost all of them so you don't miss out.

Although we didn't cover all of our favorite anime, these are our top three picks we're sure you will enjoy as well.

Actually, the games are good enough that you can play even if you're not an anime fan and you're just looking for a good game.

And in case you are an anime fan and you want a game with your favorite anime, you can check The Best 10 Anime Action Games.

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