Pick the Most Exciting Zombie RPG Apps

Pick the Most Exciting Zombie RPG Apps

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Would you be able to survive a true apocalypse? Giving zombie RPG a try could help you answer that question. In fact, there are quite a few of them around (games, not zombies) so making a definite choice could pose a problem. We'll help you make the best selection possible.

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The world as we know it has come to an end. We are experiencing a global zombie apocalypse. The dead have risen from their graves and are out to turn every living human being into one of their own. The undead horde is rapidly expanding its ranks and you need to survive in any way possible. Chances are, the future of the planet is in your hands.

Of course, all of this belongs to the realm of fiction, but it still sounds like a mightily exciting, adrenaline-pumping prospect. The zombie RPG genre is definitely gaining popularity, with new apps being released almost weekly.

In order to pick your new favorite, you should first consider the level of difficulty each game will boast. If you're just starting, there is no need to rush head-on into something too extreme. Leave that for later. Instead, take it one step at the time, learn the ropes, and choose the right path for your protagonist.

Character development, in particular, can be tricky as there are more than a few roads to success (or failure) you can choose. An app with an integrated tutorial could help you navigate these murky waters, solve puzzles, and get where you want to be much sooner than expected.

Zombie RPGs, much like all other role-playing games, operate on a fixed set of rules. Each app will rely on a specific foundation and stick to it throughout. Since this is still a niche genre and is not yet as standardized as some more traditional types of play, you will often encounter apps with vastly different rulebooks. Day R Survival, for example, is loosely based on the famous Fallout franchise, relying on a number of mechanisms that have propelled the original series to stardom.

Other games will stick to a less futuristic outlook, perhaps turning to the world of Victorian gothic or medieval fantasy. These will, more often than not, use the good old AD&D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) tabletop system to keep their gameplay in check. Character development will then be a somewhat rigid affair but will make perfect sense to anyone acquainted with this methodology.

Games created in Japan, however, will seem as if made on another planet. They will offer far greater diversity and truly allow the player to approach every new app in a fresh way. Extremely unpredictable, they will keep you on your toes and are well worth exploring even if you don't normally go for the anime and manga aesthetic.

There is no denying that the zombie RPG premise is considered a bit too narrow by some. This is why many developers make an effort to incorporate elements of other genres and make the play a lot more exciting. The classic Prey Day: Survival is, as its name implies, very reliant on the survival genre.

Other games will dip into the realm of pure action, often turning into proper first-person shooters as the plot progresses. They will have fewer traditional RPG elements and will focus more on fast-paced zombie-killing sprees - or open-world exploration.

Games focused on strategy, however, will be slower - often turn-based - and require more intellectual effort to complete successfully. While this may sound a bit dull to some, it can actually be quite immersive and rewarding.

Some zombie RPGs will feature a strong selection of puzzle elements. This is actually becoming increasingly common in almost all games nowadays. Not everyone will enjoy this. A certain portion of the gaming public will consider this a distraction, while others will fall in love with it. Before you download any app, always check the reviews to see if the game has the puzzle segment built-in.

The zombie apocalypse does not have to leave you as the lone ranger. Quite the contrary. You can easily gather up your team of fighters and work together to bring the world back to its proper balance. Plenty of games offer the multiplayer option and you won't need to look for this for more than a few minutes. You can even connect with total strangers and create a proper group of adventurers.

The beauty of this sort of play lies in the fact that each user can develop their character in a different direction. One can be a fierce fighter with their strength amped up to the max. Another can serve as a healer, focusing on medicine and helping others. Further, some will be able to specialize in magic (in case of a medieval-themed saga) or perhaps advanced technology (if the story is a sci-fi one) and give everyone on the list a massive boost.

In order for this online adventure to work, you will of course have to make sure that everyone involved will be able to run the game. A universal zombie RPG app should work on Android, iOS, and even PC, allowing each and every user to connect wherever they may be.

After half of humanity has been either annihilated or turned into the mindless undead, there won't be much need for money. You should be able to pick up quite a few items along the way and make use of leftovers from the crumbling civilization. Why then pay for an app, if you can grab one for free? A good number of them will be available in freeware mode, with the only downside being somewhat annoying ads. The rest of your zombie RPG should work just fine.

Of course, for a slightly more luxurious experience, you may want to consider investing a few of your hard-earned coins. With better graphics, regular updates, and a larger number of levels, your adventure through the nuclear wastelands of not-so-distant future can become a lot more exciting. You will also be able to download extra features, access online forums with no password needed, and even get tech support if something goes wrong.

With our tips and tricks on how to Pick the Most Exciting Zombie RPG Apps, you are ready to sneak to the Best 10 Zombie Role Playing Games and grab the greatest of them all.

  • Survive in apocalyptic USSR & escape deadly virus in multiplayer survival game ☠

    4.5 Ratings 548K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • This game is really good game as well as the story that's why I gave it 5 stars because it's going to be realistic but please developers, don't make it too realistic because it will only take much time and effort in playing the game and many players will stop because the progress is slow. I hope you get my point Maam's and Sir's.
      Rovic Castilla


  • Game of Survival in the zombie apocalypse. Fight for your life every day!

    4.4 Ratings 160K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • Overall I enjoy this game. Its a step up from last day on earth in my experience in a few ways. My only complaint about mobile survival games is the rate at which you have to consume food and water. Im fine with a good challenge in survival, but it breaks the immersion when I'm opening up the inventoey every 2 to 3 minutes to make sure my character is hydrated. I'd prefer that the hunger and thirst meter would drop at half the speed and make food and water harder to come by.
      Robert Nekrasov


  • Zombie singleplayer offline shooter in polygon graphics with RPG elements.

    4.5 Ratings 441K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • Best zombie game. First I had the dead trigger 2, it was running very smoothly. But one day i lost all my proggesed data in my game. Then I found about this game, I think like to check out this, so I downloaded it and played it. I was impressed with it. Thank you very much for giving me such impressive and good game. God keep you safe from covid 19.


  • Pixel-art Zombie Slaughter Party

    3.8 Ratings 76K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • I was wondering if we can have raid so we are not bored after the story and death match games to see your skills with real people. There should be a way to get free gold. It doesn’t have to be a lot but, at least so we can be decent against people who pay to win. How about a group system, because if your weak you could group with others to finish the chapter with you. Thank you for an amazing and well developed, pixel game.
      Fix The Problem😡😡😡


  • Survive in the zombie world

    4.3 Ratings 4M+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads
    • I have played this game for years now, and it seriously laid the foundation and set the standard in terms of the currently trending survival games. Many of those games in the app store are a knock off version of this game, either with watered down features or offer embellishments through a hefty pay wall, but THIS is the classic and a must have! As a female gamer, the inclusive option to play as a female character really is worthy of so much praise and credit because unfortunately most other survival games are closed off from giving that simple basic option; so I refuse to give them the time of day, let alone my money🙄 No matter how many breaks I have taken from this game, I always come back to it. Fun, challenging, and gritty in terms of building yourself from the ground up. Day of Zombies (DOZ), Stormfall, and Grim Soul are the only other survival games I have found with female inclusion that come close to the gem that this is. If I had any complaints with this game, it would be a lack of storyline content, which the other three aforementioned games deliver in spades, but it is easier to just pick up LDoE and run with it. However, I highly recommend all 4 of these great survival games and hope to see more on the way!♥️


  • A crazy Match-3 Action RPG puzzles! Time to blast some zombies!

    4.2 Ratings 3K+ Reviews 50K+ Downloads
    • So far so good .. really love the superheroes and their abilities. Beautiful game ... keep up the good work!
      DanieL Plainsong


  • Recruit heroes and fight the undead with worldwide players for survival!

    4.4 Ratings 139K+ Reviews 5M+ Downloads
    • I love this game been playing for a long time but stopped due to some personal issues but I'm glad I'm back playing it.... And I'm happy to see that they added a bunch of new things...
      Jesse Downey


  • The apocalypse is upon us! Hold on for dear life in a world of death and despair

    4.3 Ratings 48K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • Awesome game. This is the survival game i am looking for and it is great. But can you make it to play offline mode, Because I cannot play this game when my internet is gone. And adding multiplayer would be great on online and LAN. And I like this game keep it up👍
      Akshay Ganesh


  • Recruit a squad to kill all the dead and survive in the best RPG zombie game!

    4.3 Ratings 226K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    • Game is good, great graphics, dynamic gameplay, don’t pressure you to spend real money. But.....I was in the middle of the levels when all my achievements just disappeared! I lost all my progress, my weapons that I bought, all the teammates, everything. Don’t want to play it anymore, very disappointing.


  • Play #1 zombie survival RPG game for free! Building, Crafting& Shooting zombies

    4.5 Ratings 131K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
    • I have played other survival games and this one seems very user friendly. Repairing weapons, getting a dog from the start, the base has a lot of resources, repairing the broken home, made it very easy to survive. So far I don't feel stuck in this game and even someone new to survival can understand this game easily. Some games just made it very difficult to survive from the start and impossible to move ahead without pay to win. Enjoying this game so far.
      Aditya Puar


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