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Photo Storage Mobile Apps

Photo Storage Mobile Apps

In this age of convenience and smartphone technology, it seems like we can do it all from our phone. Click a few buttons, and food arrives at the door. With just a tap and a swipe, you can transfer money or make a credit card payment. But one thing that always seems to be a problem, is photo storage. Unless we pay extra or actually figure out how to effectively use "the cloud" (good luck), our phone just can't handle as many pictures as we want. Fortunately, there are numerous photo storage mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and more to help solve this frustrating issue. 

It seems simple. A picture isn't a physical thing, and it really shouldn't take up space. And don't even get me started on how much room a video will cost you if you want to save that to your phone. Last month, I was filming some videos of a baseball team that I coach, and, just as our star hitter was about to hit another home run, my phone sent me the dreaded message: "Out of Storage. Unable to Record". Thankfully, mobile apps are here to save us from this problem and so many more. 

Security & Reliability

Along with clearing up room for more pictures and videos on your phone, photo storage apps give you a convenient place for storing your information, pictures, videos, and files safely. Mobile security is becoming a more prevalent issue as hackers are beginning to understand the latest technologies in file storage. It's hard for people to trust storing their photos or information in a cloud storage area. That's only natural because they don't really understand where it's being stored or how it's being protected. 

Mobile apps, on the other hand, are a diverse set of storage locations that hackers won't have as much access to. It's not as advantageous for them to hack these apps since not as many people are storing their information there. They are also encrypted with security protocols and reliable fail-safes to make sure your information is protected. Pictures are personal, and these mobile apps will ensure that the only ones seeing the photos are the people that you want to see them. 

Free Photo Storage

Another positive aspect of mobile photo storage apps is the fact that they won't cost you as much as buying more storage space on your phone or a cellphone company's server. When you go to purchase or upgrade your phone, the basic model they'll offer you will not have nearly enough storage on it for all of the apps, games, music, and photos/videos that you'll want to keep on there. However, you don't want to ask them what it will cost to double your storage space. Some questions are better left unasked. 

In order to save money, go ahead and stick with the basic storage plan for your phone. You'll have room for all of your apps and music, and mobile photo storage apps will allow you to store all of your photos and videos online in a safe spot for free. When budgeting and paying for a cellphone plan, you have to pick your battles. Upgrade to the phone with the best camera instead of paying for all of that extra storage, because you now have a secret weapon. 

Easy Sharing From Storage Apps

Although mobile photo storage apps provide free and secure sites in which to store photos and videos, I know that you'd prefer to keep images on your phone. Why? Well, we all know it's just so much easier to have these photos and videos on your phone for quick and easy sharing, right? If you have pictures on your phone worth saving, chances are, these photos are probably worth sharing also. For example, you may want to easily share photos of your child. Or maybe you get tired of typing the same funny image into Google to send your friends when it fits the situation. 

All of these are valid reasons to want to save pictures and videos on your phone. But, they start to add up so quickly. Fortunately for all of us, (yes, I'm a photo-hoarder as well), these photo storage apps allow for quick access and convenient sharing through WiFi or cellular data wherever you are. It's the same thing as texting a picture or sending it through email. You simply open the app, find the picture, and share it from there. This process doesn't cost you any more time, hassle, or money than it does to share the image from the saved camera roll in your phone. 

Saving Room on Your Phone

Since these photo storage apps are an incredibly convenient place from which you can share pictures or videos, these apps help you save so much room on your phone. You can use this space to download more music, try out more apps, and so much more. Instead of having 2,000 pictures on your phone and 4 minutes' worth of video, you'll be able to upload all of that to these apps and move on. When your phone has a lot of storage space available, it works much quicker and gives you more options. 

For instance, if you're filming a lot of videos consecutively, you'll be able to keep on saving them and filming them without running out of storage. If you're an aspiring influencer trying to film videos of meal-prepping or vlogging about workouts and fashion, you need all the space you can get. And, if you're an athletic coach trying to get film of your players, you'll need a ton of storage space available as you try to film a 100 plays to find 2 good ones. Bottom line: the more storage you have, the more options you'll have. 

No matter what you use your phone for, photo storage apps can help you accomplish those goals by clearing up space on your phone and keeping your photos safe.