Photo Filters & Effects

Learn about photo editing basics to improve your pictures

Technology has made taking and printing quality pictures so much easier and cheaper than even just 5 years ago. In order to start taking advantage of all of the tools and software available, you need to learn a few basic techniques and terminology about photo editing before you jump into a complicated photo editor like Photoshop. Luckily, there are tons of free photo editors, or extremely cheap photo editing apps, available that are a lot easier for beginners to navigate.

While it's not an advanced technique, playing around with free photo filters is a quick way to start exploring the effects of different lighting and color schemes on your pictures. If you are just looking for a fun filter for photos, there isn't a reason to shell out big bucks for advanced software. Even with the more basic photo editing apps, you can still make some pretty cool photo effects. By playing around with different settings, you can start to see how they affect the final product. Doing a little reading over the different terms and settings will help make the learning process go much faster, so you aren't stuck just using a preset filter like the red photo filter.

Practice with camera settings to make editing easier

Before you can edit a photo, you have to have a picture to edit. As you start to edit images, try to start taking pictures with editing in mind. Download a photo tutorial apps that will give you a few exercises to practice. By playing with different camera settings, you'll start to understand the editing processes even more. Knowing how the exposure changes the outcome of the picture will make you a better editor for Android or ISO photography. Another essential setting to be aware of when editing a photo is the effect of using the manual focus. Manually focusing a camera can completely change the editing process for better or worse depending on how it is used. After you start to feel comfortable changing one camera setting at a time, start combining different settings to see how the final picture turns out. While editing picture and photography require different skill sets, it doesn't hurt an editor to be familiar with the photography process.

Use advanced editing techniques for stunning effects.

Once you have started to get familiar with the basics, it's time to start having some fun with your editing. With the number of different applications available today, you can find some pretty advanced photo editing software that you can download onto your mobile phone. Online photo effect makers are great, but having an app you can download on to your phone means you can edit pictures just about anywhere. Now that you can create your own filters, you no longer have to rely on pre-programmed photo filters photoshopped onto your work. Since you understand the difference between saturation and a color tint photo editor, you can create unique effects for each photo shot that makes your work stand out amount the millions of other aspiring photographers.

Create interesting Instagram posts with fun filters

Now that you can create unique pictures, you can make your Instagram stand out, which is how a lot of aspiring photographers first start their journey. While using the premade beauty filters offered by Instagram isn't necessarily a bad thing, millions of different people use the same ones, so by making your own cute face filters online, you'll have a leg up on the competitions. Creating Instagram filters allows you to bring your style out of the box, and create fun filters for photos. If you have a little crazy creativity, you can easily make an interesting gothic filter that is sure to draw some eyes. Having a good social media presence is an essential part of a photographers job, and usually, when you apply to post content in a magazine or blog, you are required to submit a link to either your Facebook or Instagram. Depending on the type of photography your interested in, you might not be interested in how many likes your post gets. However, it is still important to at least have a neat and exciting profile to present to prospective clients or magazines if you are trying to publish your work.

Make meaningful gifts with specialized filters

Nothing is more thoughtful than a homemade gift. Especially if that handmade gift is made well. By making specialized filters, you can create meaningful and unique presents for family and friends. If you and your friends spend a lot of time traveling a globe photo collage can make a great housewarming gift and take up some blank wall space. If your family is really into sports, look into downloading a sports photo editor online, and make an album of all of their highlights. You can go wrong with a simple happy birthday photo either. Since you're an expert photo editor you arent limited with ways to make an image black and white. You can make a breathtaking steampunk style picture for your best friends birthday that looks like a professional studio made it. The possibilities are endless, and bond only is the amount of creativity you put into it.

As you start your search for the best photo editing apps keeps these five tips in mind. Check out the list below for some of the best mobile apps for photo editing.