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PGA Tour & Golf

PGA Tour & Golf

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From the history of golf to new technology that helps you keep score from your phone, golf has truly evolved. Understanding the benefits of golf mobile apps can help you make the most of the game you enjoy. 

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Many people speculate over the history of golf because the details of its origin story are just too unclear. However, it's an accepted fact that the sport is of European origin. Many people believe that the game began and grew in popularity in Scotland once the Middle Ages were over. Articles in Golf Digest and Golf Channel documentaries show how the game began to grow in international popularity in the 19th century when it began to take a foothold in the United Kingdom before hopping the pond to the United States. 

While it may not have had sophisticated clubs and courses, one of the first recorded games of golf (or what can be interpreted as golf) was played in 1297 in the Netherlands. The goal was to use a stick to hit a leather ball toward a target hundreds of yards away and see who could do so in the least amount of swings. Along with interesting facts like these, mobile golf apps offer the opportunity to learn so much more about golf's history, among benefiting your life and leisure time in many other ways. 

In addition, these helpful golf apps offer video tutorials and lessons as well so that you can get the most out of your skills and enjoy putting up good scores when you hit the links. Golf can be a lot of fun and a great walking workout, but if you're not any good, you might not enjoy it as much. Online instructors can help you with swing tips and approach advice so that you can understand exactly how to engage with each particular shot. There are even helpful features on these mobile apps that offer a putting simulator so that you can perfect your craft from your couch before heading to the course. Whenever one of your favorite pros does an interview or posts a video to YouTube on how to master a certain golf skill, numerous mobile apps can notify you of new videos, posts, interviews, and articles regarding your favorite golf stars. 

Golf mobile apps will also allow you to keep up with the extensive live golf schedule even more than watching on TV can. Apps like the nbc golf app broadcast the European Tour and PGA Tour live on your phone. That way, even if you're out and about, you can watch your favorite pros just like you would on the Golf Channel. Golf has become incredibly popular worldwide, which is great for the sport and draws in a lot of new fans. However, the PGA Tour and other professional events are now taking place overseas and in different time zones. Mobile golf apps will allow you to record these live broadcasts so you can watch these events anytime, anywhere. From a fan's standpoint, it doesn't get much more convenient than mobile apps that let you follow your favorite stars or keep up with the biggest golf events around the world even if you're unable to be at home in front of your TV. 

Mobile golf apps can help you stay up to date on the latest happenings in golf. From injuries to interviews to current tournaments, you can keep track of the PGA, LPGA, and Champions tours right from your phone. If you want to check the leaderboard or see the current money list, mobile apps can help you cut through the different programs you'd have to sit through on the Golf Channel and get straight to the info and highlights that you want. Customize your golf news experience to a degree that golf TV shows will not be able to compete with. 

As you're keeping track of current golf news, you'll also be able to connect with friends with a similar interest in golf. Some mobile golf apps have chat forums and connection opportunities to comment on live streams, press conferences, and breaking news. 

Along with breaking golf news and score updates, golf apps can help you enjoy your own rounds of golf to the fullest. Are you tired of walking around looking for the result of another bad swing? Try shot GPS to find your ball or check out potential pathways your ball could take in the conditions. There are even score-keeping features and apps that can help you create a leaderboard among your fellow players and keep track of everyone's results with ease. And, of course, if it's a day when you can't hit the links, you can always play mobile golf games on your phone. Most of these mobile apps will play hosts to tournaments among various online players who can enter and compete against thousands of others and even receive prize money. So, whether it's a bright and sunny day out on the course, a lazy afternoon on your couch, or a long train ride to work, you can always enjoy your favorite sport more with the help of your phone. 

As golf progresses, so will your opportunity to engage with the sport. Mobile apps let you get closer to the pros, watch more live golf, and improve your own skills more than ever before. 

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