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Personal Blogs Capture History in the Making

A blog could define the type of person you are

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Personal accounts like these are probably the most insightful in helping us gain understanding about an event in later years ... gaining understanding from people who don’t know the end of the story yet.
- Dr. Catherine Biba, college history professor

Keeping a personal online blog can offer insight and a deeper self-understanding to those who choose to share their personal daily journeys with an audience.

But does this form of communication work for everyone? Many people find the idea of keeping a daily journal daunting, given the constraints of daily life and the time one must set aside to capture and document the happenings they deem essential to share with those who follow them.

However, even with all these helpful tools, a successful and well-read blog doesn’t just write itself. It still requires a certain daily discipline to capture those special highlights that define and capture their essence as only they can.

According to WordPress, a leading open source content management system provider, people view more than 20 billion pages of blog content monthly. And with 77 million blog comments left online each month on social media sites, writers have ample incentive to get their message out each day.

Blogging Can Define Who You Are

Thanks to apps created specifically for this challenging endeavor, more and more people are taking the time to celebrate the moments that define them.

Using apps like Day One Journal, 1 Second Everyday, and Simpleprints, bloggers are able to log and record snippets of their daily journeys with a simple click and drag motion, enabling them to capture life as they live it through photos, audio messages, and simple text messages.

In fact, handy links to time and calendar date stamps make it possible to log real-time events and happenings in mere seconds, enabling the blogger to share his or her events on social media even as they unfold.

WordPress estimates bloggers spend an average of 3.5 hours per day logging entries on their respective pages to keep readers engaged.

A New Way to Record History

Dr. Catherine Biba is a history professor at a private Midwestern college who sees blogging as the modern way of recording history. A regular contributor on her Instagram account, she thinks personal journals may one day serve as historical documents in much the same way some famous diaries and journals have in generations past, provided they remain accessible through the years.

“Personal accounts like these are probably the most insightful in helping us gain understanding about an event in later years,” she said. “I like reading Civil War diaries and these kind of encounters, gaining understanding from people who don’t know the end of the story yet.

“These personal insights are really important, but the downside is that so much of our culture is digital that I don’t know how lasting they will be.

We sort of assume the Internet is forever but is it reasonable to think it will continue to evolve and that host blogs will continue to go out of business?

“If we’re able to access the information, it will be an invaluable insight into what has happened in this time period.”

‘Bigfoot Lady’ Has a Message for Bloggers

Harriett McFeely doesn’t worry too much about leaving anything historical behind when she sits down each morning to compose her Facebook blog. The former motivational speaker known to her followers as “The Bigfoot Lady,” runs a Bigfoot museum in her Midwest hometown and includes excerpts on her personal encounters with her audience as part of her daily content. To her, having a personal blog gives her the opportunity to self-reflect on her life while spreading a little positivity online.

“You need to have a positive attitude,” the 74-year-old said. “I come from a background of nothing. I got depressed a lot and was not happy. When I started to set goals for myself, things changed.

“Before I start my blog, I try to read and meditate on something positive every morning. Then all of a sudden, I’m sitting there and a story or vision comes into my head and I can’t write down fast enough. It’s a God thing.”

Blogging can be Life-Changing

McFeely said blogging has given her life newfound purpose, something it lacked years back when her self-esteem was virtually non-existent. Her mission now is to share what she has learned through her many years of teaching seminars on positivity, hoping to educate others on how to replace the negative influences that keep them from realizing the joy that is theirs for the taking.

“Start a blog,” she said. “Surround yourself with positive people. Every day put an idea into your mental savings account that is positive. That way when something happens, you’ll have something to fall back on.

“Blogging has brought me a lot of sunshine and a lot of friends. And smiles. Surround yourself with people who are happy when you succeed. Keep yourself well-grounded.”

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Personal Blogs Capture History in the Making