👻 Overcome Your Fears with The Best Horror Adventure Games

There’s just something enticing about getting scared while knowing absolutely nothing can hurt you.

Since you know everything is in your head, you slowly keep moving through dark corridors with harrowing sounds ringing from your phone.

If you feel like you need something to really shake you up, here are 3 fantastic horror games you can try out.

1. Murder Room

Who doesn’t love being locked up in a house with a chainsaw-wielding lunatic?

Murder Room is a room escape game with a thrilling horror element. It perfectly takes advantage of the escape room mechanics where you have to interact with objects.

You never know if you should touch something or not, but you have to if you want to progress. This creates constant excitement and entertaining fear.

2. Eyes - The Horror Game

Eyes quickly became an extremely popular mobile horror game a year ago and unfortunately, now we know why.

You’re locked in a labyrinth-like mansion and you need to find your way out. The problem is there’s a jump scare at about every corner.

Another great thing about Eyes is the developers constantly update it, so if for some crazy reason you want more gameplay - you can have it.

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a top-rated indie horror game with many sequels, but we decided to stick to the original.

The sad thing about horror games being popular is that it becomes hard to get a truly scary experience. There’s only so much jump scares that can scare you.

But this one manages to pull it off. If you need a highly unique horror game, let weird puppets scare you.

We hope you managed to read the article without getting scared out of your pants. You likely did, since let’s be honest, the article isn’t scary at all.

But the 3 games are sure to make you second guess next time the lights in your room go out.

In case you think they don’t provide enough challenge, you can always check even more games by browsing our list of The Best 10 Horror Adventure Games.

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