Outdoor Adventure Apps Can Give You a Great Experience

Different Types of Outdoor Adventure


There are many benefits to being a part of an outdoor adventure. In addition to physical health benefits through cardio workouts, these benefits also include exploring new territories, boosting one's confidence, managing stress and anxiety relief, all away from the busy world. Our hope is to share with you some of the top-rated apps that make outdoor adventures even more enjoyable. The outdoor experience is for all - you, family, friends, and even strangers. There are different types of recreational activities you could participate in, depending on your preference and the form of nature you love best. You can definitely have it all.

For the sea and beachside lovers, there's parasailing, water surfing, and scuba-diving. The mountaineers can be involved in activities such as ice climbing, canyoning, hiking, mountain biking, cycling, and skiing. If you have got to keep in touch with the forest, then camping, trekking, birding, tree climbing, safari wildlife, and mushroom foraging are the options you could consider too.

However, if you love having the aerial view of nature, then aero activities such as paragliding, paramotoring, and ballooning will be great. Of course, sandboarding and camel safari are engagements for the desert sand lovers. Enjoy nature surrounding, the social life, the positive health benefits, and the fun.

Look for the Best Hiking Trails in Your Area

If you prefer hiking or trekking, you might find it helpful to download apps with offline maps that can help you during its course. Some hikers and mountain bikers might still use maps, but today the best ways for finding hiking trails nearby are through trail finding apps and blogs. These apps share information about the best hikes obtained from the previous hikers, so you can be assured of credible information on which routes you and the group can take. In other words, you could have them as a go-to planner.

Whether you want to check out some new spots ahead of a hiking adventure, find a campsite or even a parking spot, all you need do is make the search on a trail finding web app, save your location, and download it into your smartphone. 

These hiking apps provided features such as a 3D panoramic view of your trails, routes mapping, updates on changes, names, distances, and even the best angles to capture a shot. The apps include PeakFinder, AllTrail, Mountain Hub, Maps 3D Pro, Map My Hike, ViewRanger, and Gaia GPS.

Gear Needed for an Outdoor Adventure

Of course, the gear needed for your outdoor trip and survival generally will depend on your type of outdoor adventure. For those heading out for mountain climbing, equipment such as mountaineering boots, quickdraws, bouldering pads, ropes, slings helmets, chalk bags, belay, and camming devices will come in handy. This is, however, only enough for those adventures undertaken during spring or summer as the majority would. However, should you decide to go on this expedition during winter, you will be needing axes, rock pitons, pulleys, ascenders, boots, shovels, ice screws, and probes.

For the ski lovers, helmets, gloves, headwear (hats, warm clothing), socks, boots, rucksacks, mitts, hydration bottles, ski pants jacket, base layer, and some sunglasses will do.

The rule of the outdoor recreation activities is to head out as light as possible, only with the basic essential and supplies that will be used on the trip. Therefore, when preparing for any of the above activities, you know what must be packed well ahead in time. There are many shopping apps, such as SportsDirect, which have dedicated sections for such equipment and gear.

Going on an Adventure as a Group

If you’re organizing an outdoor adventure and would like to join a group or have others join your group, then finding groups, clubs, or courses online will be the best bet. Most often these are groups on Facebook and Meetup.com headed by experienced individual hosts (this might vary).

In doing so, you should choose a trail area within your comfort range. In other words, it is important that you are aware of your own personal capacity so you don’t end up slowing others down. If the group trip is to be led by a novice host or a group of friends, then you should consider having a contingency plan too. Have an understanding of what feels safe to you and stick with it. Once you feel safe about the trip, take the bold step, sign up with a group, and head out to the meetup point.

While preparing, if you can, you should take up some extra snacks or water for those who might be unprepared. Enjoy the trip, take photos, and share helpful information for other intending hikers.

Using Maps to Navigate During Outdoor Adventures

Prior to heading out on an outdoor adventure, it's important that you consider taking a navigation device, which is especially important when you are embarking on a journey with poor reception. Alternatively, you could download certain apps that can provide you with 3D GPS route planners, and guide you with an actual dimension when navigating through a trail. Maps 3D Pro does a great job with this. You could also use apps such as PeakFinder that can help you choose mountains based on the gallery of mountain ranges it provides. It also details out its names, difficulty level, and the best points using orbit lines.

If you have made a choice on the outdoor adventure ideal for you, the gear needed, the groups to share the fun with, and of course, the apps that will make your outdoor trip worth the while. It’s time to take the plunge.