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Our 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Symptom Checker App for Your Needs

Check your symptoms with reputable sites you can trust

If you’re looking to get better as soon as possible, you’ll need to find a symptom checker that you can trust, so you can be sure you are talking to your doctor about the right things or self treating with the right medication. Rather than just doing a random Google search of your symptoms, there are plenty of options for symptom checkers that pull from reputable databases of information, so the suggestions for possible diagnoses are as accurate as possible.

Popular symptom checker medical websites such as WebMD, Mayo Clinic, EverydayHealth and Mercy Health System have proven to be good resources when it comes to medical information and self-diagnosis. You can even turn to official symptom checkers from reputable national health organizations, such as the NHS Symptom Checker on the official website for the UK National Health Service.

Or if you’re looking for a trustworthy symptom checker for your little loved ones, there are some popular pediatric medical reference apps, such as FamilyDoctor.org, HealthyChildren, and BabyCenter to get your child up and playing again even sooner.

If you need more personalized symptom checking, there are also plenty of web doctor apps available to talk directly with an expert about what you have been experiencing. That way you can chat directly through a messenger or even face to face on video chat with a medical doctor or naturopathic doctor to find out what might be going on and what steps you should take next to get better.

Search by your symptoms to easily determine their cause

Since symptoms can be caused by many different diseases, it’s important to get a symptom checker app that has a way for you to easily search through an A to Z list of symptoms, especially if you’re experiencing many symptoms at once, like blurred vision along with headaches and stomach pain or chest pain followed by dizziness and cold legs.

If you find the right searchable app, you should be able to input all your symptoms at once to get diagnosis matches, usually ranked by percentage of match so you can see which diagnoses are most likely the cause of the symptoms. So next time your toddler has vomiting and abdominal pain accompanied by a low grade fever, you can enter all the symptoms right away to reach your diagnosis and treatment options even faster than before.

Get the perfect symptom checker to identify your problem

There are thousands of illnesses, diseases and ailments out there, and thousands more symptoms that come with each of them. Depending on what kind of symptoms you are having, you will want to look for a symptom checker that will help you specifically with the signs and signals your body has been showing.

For example, if you’re very active and tend to get sports related pains, such as in your upper back or neck or a repetitive strain in your wrist or ankles, you may want to turn to more of a sports medicine symptom checker or an injury checker rather than an illness checker. Or if you have pre-existing conditions such as an autoimmune disease or other chronic illnesses, you will want to look for a symptom checker that can take some of your medical history into account when pointing you towards a diagnosis.

If you already know your symptoms are coming from a general source but don’t know the exact cause, some other symptom checker apps can help with more specific issues and questions, such as female reproductive problems or symptom checkers for poison or other harmful substances. There are even apps to help diagnose mental symptoms that may be related more to depression or anxiety than another physical ailment.

Use quizzes & other tools to find your diagnosis faster

If you’re not a doctor yourself, you might not know all the questions you need to ask yourself in relation to the symptoms you’re having to try to figure out what’s wrong. Just like Dr. Schueler can use follow up questions to come to a quick diagnosis, a good diagnosis database on a symptom checker app can provide quizzes to help lead you through your symptoms. Once you take the quiz, the symptom checker will quickly narrow down your diagnosis matches so you can have a better idea of what’s going on with your body.

Learn about diagnostics to better recognize what ails you

If you’re hoping to not only figure out what might be causing your pain or discomfort but also want to know more about those symptoms, diseases, and the diagnosis process in general, you will definitely want an app that gives you all the information you need on how to diagnose yourself in the future. Apps such as Mayo Clinic or Isabel Healthcare provide more professional and comprehensive symptom checkers that also give more insight into the diagnosis procedure so that you can more easily take steps to diagnose ailments in the future, maybe even without the need of a symptom checker.

With these guidelines, you’ll have all the right tools to diagnose anything that comes up. Now take a look through our Best 10 Symptom Checker Apps to put these tips to use!