Our 5 Guidelines for Finding the Best Empire Games

If you haven't yet dived into the realm of empire games, you might be wondering where to start. Some of the best and most played games are made by top game developing companies, so they're a trustworthy place to turn to first. Developers such as White Wolf Games, Goodgame and Gameloft are good examples of companies that make great empire games. Plus, you may find that the developers for your non-empire games, like your go to war games or a tower defense games for example, also have some empire game options in their arsenal, so it's good to check for that as well.

Or if you already have a favorite empire game on your PC or internet browser or even empire video games on your PS4 or Xbox, you'll be happy to know that your go to games probably already exist in deluxe app forms for your iOS or Android device. Classic and well known empire games like Age of Empire Four and Art of War can be enjoyed on your phone for battling and endless hours of entertainment no matter where you are. You'll always have access to your kingdom on the go, and with all the time you put into the game your civilization will grow even stronger.

Become the ultimate ruler by conquering other players online

If you're looking for a more social way of playing empire games, you should definitely look into the great array of two player, multiplayer, and online empire games available. Many of these games are available as RTS or real-time strategy for multiplayers, like the popular Starcraft, Age of Empires, and Rise of Nations games. This is so that the game play operates very similarly to an actual war where all the players are making decisions and actions live and at the same time rather than taking turns to make moves and having to suspend actions while another player has their turn. You'll feel much more involved and immersed in the world while battling against your friends in two player or party mode or other online players. You might even make a few friends that you can team up and form an alliance with to really conquer all the lands.

Select unique empire game modes that fit your playing style

Almost all empire games have various forms of wargame strategy involved in their game play, but if you like having variety or really getting the full empire command experience, you should look for games that have other modes to choose from. Some of them have more robust empire building options so you can really customize your home base or game board and optimize it for battle. Other games have more adventure or RPG style with puzzles or other quests to complete along the way. Others even allow you to design your army and lead characters with stats that make playing much more detailed and thrilling.

There are also many different kinds of empire games available as far as setting and world. Many of them are set in a Roman Empire-like environment or even Middle Ages, but it is possible to find more modern, futuristic or space empire games as well as other ancient cities in different or even fictional countries. If you're looking to switch things up, you might even look into a game like DomiNations where you can play in all kinds of different civilizations or choose a different century within the same app.

Master any empire game with expert guides & tips

Even the best players get a little stuck sometimes, so if you want to be able to build the best empire possible and have the ultimate ruling experience, you may want an empire games app that also provides you with tips and clues to help you get through the game. Of course when you're starting out in the game it may be helpful to have a guide, manual or even walk through available while you get the hang of things. But also while you're going through the game some questions may come up Some games even have forums or Wiki features, much like the Goodgame forum, so that players can connect, support each other and chat about the best way to build kingdoms or share a defense calculator to help bulk up your army for better defense against an attack.

Discover empire game cheats & secrets for unlimited fun

Similar to the tips and guides, you may also want to take it a step further and use the same forums or resources to get cheats and hacked games to become a truly unstoppable force within your empire. While it's not always possible to get a cheat that gives you more money or other in-game resources, there are still many benefits to getting an unblocked version that can help you build stronger kingdoms with better armies, weapons, and infrastructure than if you were playing the game normally.

With these tips in mind, you're all set to command an army and build the strongest empire in the realm. Don't forget to check out our list of the Best 10 Empire Games to get started!