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Our 5 Guidelines for Finding the Best DMV Test Prep Apps

Our 5 Guidelines for Finding the Best DMV Test Prep Apps

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Passing the written portion of the DMV driving test is an important part of getting your full license, so having the proper study materials to practice with is essential. DMV test prep apps are extremely helpful when it comes to preparing for the test your way, but you'll need to pick the right one to fit your needs. Here's our 5 tips for selecting the best DMV test prep app for you!

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  1. Complete DMV practice tests in order to ace the real thing
  2. Improve your recall with DMV practice questions
  3. Explore your state’s laws & ensure you have the right info
  4. Find multi-format practice tests & learn with convenience
  5. Drive like a pro with practice tests for different licenses

For a more realistic study, finding an app with a good practice test feature that is the same length and structure of the real driver license test will make you feel much more prepared without any surprises at the DMV on driving test day.

If you like to track your progress, you'll also want to find an app that saves all your previous practice test scores, so you can see a detailed breakdown of how you've improved and what you need to work on. You can even start out your studying process by taking a practice test before you even start so you can see just how much you already know through logging driving hours and taking the short written test to get your learner's permit. Then you'll be ready to keep track of all your improvement up until you take your road test and walk away with you brand new driving license.

A DMV practice test app will also make for a great, last minute crash course the day of test day if you just need a quick check up on your test knowledge. And since the practice tests will be available right on your device through a simple app download, you'll even be able to study while you're waiting in the notoriously long lines at the DMV.

If what you really need to ace your DMV written test is repetition and a daily practice that fits into your busy schedule, you'll want an app that has plenty of stand alone practice questions and answers so you can get some practice and some study time in whenever and wherever you go. In fact, you may even want to be able to download the practice questions to your phone as PDF files so you can study for your driving test with or without a data or WiFi connection.

A good way to go is with an app that lets you set the amount of questions you want to practice in one sitting. That could mean just one question before you go to bed at night, 20 questions for a practice quiz while you get your daily workout in or even 500 questions at once if you need a cram session the night before.

But in order to avoid that stressful last minute studying, you may also want to look for an app that gives you a reminder each day to study for your DMV permit test so you can set aside that time as part of your regular productivity or homework plan during the week.

Not quite at the practice test and practice question stage and just need to study the information first? You'll definitely want a good drivers ed app that not only has the tools you need but one that also has the correct information. 

If you're down in the southern states like Florida, Alabama and Tennessee or the western states like California, you definitely don't want to accidentally study the drivers manual for states up north like Alaska, New York, Delaware and Montana or the midwestern states of Iowa, Indiana and Michigan that all have their own unique driving conditions. There are 50 states in the U.S. and therefore 50 different drivers license tests to go with them.

Many apps have manuals for each state all in one place, and with a quick swipe you can switch manuals from VA, CT, and NJ to NC, MS, or GA. Whatever state you need, there's definitely an app out there for your specific study and practice test needs. These apps are also a huge help if you got your practice permit in a different state but now need to study for your license test in a state you've recently moved to, so you can be sure you're ready for any slight variation when it comes to road laws and regulations.

If you find it difficult to find time for studying for your driving test or having the motivation to study in the first place, an app with a wide variety of practice and lesson formats might be just what you need.

Popular DMV test prep apps like DMV Genie not only provide sample tests that are just like the real thing, but also work a lot like online classes so you can get a drivers ed class from the comfort of your home on your PC or laptop or even on the go with an app download on your iPhone or Android mobile device. Some apps even have fun practice games or flashcards, so you won't even really feel like you're studying! And the best part is, many of them are available for free, so you can save your money to maybe get that new car you've had your eyes on for once you finally get your license.

Maybe you already have your normal driver's license and now you need to study to get a more specialized license for certain vehicle operations or maybe even a motorcycle license. There are plenty of apps out there for you as well!

Whether you need to get CDL test practice questions for your Class A commercial license or need to pass your Motor Vehicle Representative test for your chauffeur license, you can find an app with all the proper components such as HAZMAT information or an alcohol test. Drivers test apps like DMV Genie have all the various DMV test information included so you can prep for anything and jumpstart your new career as a driver!

What are you waiting for? You're ready to check out our Best 10 DMV Test Prep Apps so you can get to studying and be ready to hit the open road when you finally get that long awaited driver's license! 

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