News in Japan: These Apps Can Help You Access Most Recent Happenings

App 1: WOW! Japan

Wow! Japan is a particular fit for tourists who intend to enjoy the thrill of the Japanese scenery and culture. This mobile application provides information on famous sights, cuisine, and shopping centers in Japan. You can search for tourist sites and the best restaurants in different cities across the country.

If you intend to enjoy your stay in Japan and learn about the best place to visit, the WOW! Japan app is what you need. Besides gaining access to rich tourist information on the app, you can access recent news stories about Japan before and during your trip.

The app is available for use offline, allowing you to access information about a particular area or tourist site, anytime any day. It supports English, Japanese, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and offers free coupons for your shopping experience.

App 2: The Japan Times

If you’re interested in getting the latest news about finance, economy, entertainment, and lifestyle from Japan, the Japan Times offers this and lots more. It is unarguably the longest-running and largest newspaper in Japan that offers daily news stories in the English language.

This daily newspaper, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has an app that provides you with news information at your fingertips. You can access breaking news, commentary, and discussions about topical issues in Japan.

The Japan Times app features notifications of breaking news and daily news round-up. Upon subscription, users can access news stories free of charge.

App 3: Japan News

This news app is a fast and easy way to read news from the most prominent news sources in Japan right on your mobile phone. You can bookmark your favorite news sources, and have them displayed on a separate tab.

Also, you can edit the default news sources, adding your favorites, and removing others. Additionally, you can share the latest news with your friends and family via SMS, email, and different social media platforms.

With the easy access to a variety of news sources the Japan News app offers, you're never left in the dark on what's happening in the prosperous Asian country. However, you can only read the news in Japanese and will need an app for translation if you don't understand Japanese. 

App 4: NHK Easy Japanese News Reader

The NHK Easy Japanese News Reader is one of the best apps for reading daily and breaking news from Japan on the go. It features news articles from Japan’s national broadcasting association (known by its acronym, NHK). The app allows you to access news in Japanese, with links to its multilingual dictionaries such as English, Korean, and Chinese.

Also, it offers an offline view that allows you to download exciting Japanese news which you can read and listen to later. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface with an auto-play feature. Additionally, its play in the background feature allows you to listen to the news while you do other things with your phone.

With the recent updates to the app, users can now get movies alongside news articles. Also, you can change the font size of the letters and adjust other settings to enhance your reading experience. 

App 5: NHK World – Japan

Unlike the NHK Easy Japanese News Reader that offers news primarily in Japanese, the NHK World - Japan is available in 17 different languages, including French, English, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish. It is the official app of the international service of NHK that provides the latest information about Japan.

It’s a news listening app that allows you to stream live news across Japan and Asia throughout the day from anywhere in the world. If you don’t want to miss any important information or news making rounds across the country, this is the app for you. It offers push notifications of earthquakes and other emergencies in Japan.

With your smartphone, you can access audio and video programs of the NHK news network. Recent updates to the app include a radio listening program, and extended on-demand news service.

Other important mentions include:

Radio Japan, JPNews, and Easy Japanese News.

You can stay informed on the latest happenings in Japan and never miss news information as long as you have these apps on your phone. Stream live news, listen to commentaries and follow the discussions on the Japanese economy, lifestyle, and culture. If you need a rich resource on how to get the latest news from Japan on your fingerprints, check out our list of the Best Apps for News in Japan.