News in China: Apps that Bring China to The World

News in China: Apps that Bring China to The World

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China is the world's most populous nation. They have distinct cultures and norms when compared to those of the western world. Chinese citizens outside the country can find it difficult to get trending Chinese News. Foreigners with interest in Chinese culture also experience this problem. Here's the ideal solution for both groups. 

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It's no hidden fact that the Chinese government endures widespread criticism for their heavy-handed Internet censorship in the country. Much of this stems from the president's dream to achieve conformity in China. International media, especially western media, has also come under scrutiny from the public eye. They've been known to be biased in the retelling of Chinese News and portrayal of situations in the country, often due to the Chinese culture and practices being alien to them. 

The smartphone is the go-to option for many who need information. Studies show that over 50% of Internet traffic in 2019 stemmed from mobile devices. Apps provide users with convenience and flexibility. Many get daily and breaking news from apps instead of conventional TV news.

Instances of biased media reports and strong Internet censorship are standard terms associated with news coverage in China. We live in a world where many rely on social media platforms and the Internet to get their news. Therefore, these obstacles make it difficult to get authentic Chinese news, especially when a person is outside China.

Thanks to top News in China apps, you can get Chinese news anywhere in the world. Are you studying overseas? Do you want to catch up on happenings in and around one of the world's greatest nations? Then these apps are the perfect solution for you. At the tap of a screen, you gain access to a world of information centered on the Chinese culture. 

In 2010, Twitter was the first to break the news of the royal engagement between Prince William and Catherine. The news broke out on the social media hours before TV news reporters covered it. Political figures, celebrities, and more take to various social media platforms to communicate information with the public, a practice they once usually performed by holding press conferences. 

Social Media, as a tool for information or news, is a double-edged sword. The Internet is awash with malicious content, often described as fake news. There's little moderation of contents, and it's common for these kinds of stories to gain traction.

The high rate of fake news and the censorship of the Internet in China limits access to credible Chinese news reports from social media platforms. Therefore top Chinese news apps are your best bet for getting the facts on your smartphone. 

Most people are probably unsure if getting Chinese news means having to learn the language. No, you don't have to be a Chinese native to enjoy news on one of the world's leading technological nations. These news apps also cater to foreign readers, not just Chinese natives.

You can have your Chinese news delivered to you in English by using a top news app. The news app CGTN – China Global TV Network isn't bilingual but multilingual. You can get news content delivered to you in as much as seven different languages. Easily switch to the language of your choice without having to worry about lost information. 

Get authentic daily news on your smartphone from the top Chinese news apps. These apps provide users with informative write-ups and videos of the events making the rounds in China. You get news ranging from politics to sports and lifestyle to technology.

The best apps for news in China aren't restricted to just Chinese news, but also serve you with reports from around the world. One app feature desired by smartphone users is the offer of personalization. This knowledge isn't lost on news app developers. They offer users the chance to tailor their news feed based on their preferences. Are you a sports lover or one for the theaters? These apps have you covered. You'll get timely notifications and content based on your interest. If you're good at multitasking, you can go with an audio news app to help you keep track of the world while you perform other tasks.

Top apps also offer some form of assistance to users. Consider the news app CHINA DAILY - 中国日报. If a reader is having problems with understanding certain words, they can refer to the in-app dictionary for help. 

China is one of the world's most technologically countries. It's rare to search through a top technological news app without finding an article about the country. Whether it's to learn more about the coronavirus pandemic or business news, Chinese news apps bring the world closer to this industrious country, giving us a glimpse into Chinese culture and heritage. If you need reliable news on China, then here's our list of the top apps to consider.