Multiplication Table Apps Can Help Students with Math

Help your children learn math more effectively

The modern-day student has so many opportunities to learn, and mobile apps can provide a fun, unique avenue for young students to get better at multiplying. Learning the times tables 1 to 20 is one of the most essential skills for young mathematicians simply because math is a building-block subject. Math is this kind of subject because it continuously builds on each previous area of itself. For instance, before students can learn to multiply and divide, they need to learn about addition and subtraction. Being skilled at addition will help them understand a multiplication table worksheet and a division table. So, it's essential that students get a good handle on multiplication before moving on to higher levels of math. With helpful mobile apps, students can use colorful charts, exercises, and diagrams in order to memorize their multiplication tables. A good foundation is essential for their future success in math, therefore,  students who use mobile apps to build their skills are setting themselves up for scholastic achievement later down the road in subjects like Algebra and Geometry.

Learn easy memorization tricks for the times-tables

However, while a multiplication chart can help students learn both multiplication and division, some students struggle with straight-forward memorization methods. Not everyone can just remember that 9x3 is 27 and 12x12 is 144 without some sort of aid or memorization trick. With creatively driven mobile mathematics apps, young students can learn helpful tricks for memorizing their times-tables that they may never learn in school. Most teachers will let them know that they can use their fingers to always find their 9's multiplications tables, but mobile apps can help take it a step further with visual aids, videos, and songs that make memorization a breeze. The best way to help young students learn multiplication tables is to make it fun, and the mobile apps will do just that. Once they begin having success with fun memorization tricks, the students will want to keep learning and growing in their math knowledge. 

Get better at mental math with fun exercises

Memorization tricks will also help them improve their mental math skills much more than traditional methods. Most students will be faced with having to stare at a large, intimidating chart of numbers like the 3 times table up to 1000, and it can be very overwhelming. Instead of just trying to memorize a times tables PDF online, students can find ways on these mobile apps to get better at mental math techniques. With better mental math skills, students will build a solid math foundation for the rest of their careers and speed up their completion times on exercises like times tables quizzes, mad-minutes, and their unit tests. Mental math is an essential part of being an efficient test-taker. Unfortunately, some people struggle with test anxiety, especially when they get to high school and have to take the SAT/ACT. Building their mental math foundation can help students solve problems more quickly and confidently when they reach their high school years, which will result in better test scores and the potential for more scholarship money. 

Play multiplication games with large groups of students

Throughout history, teachers have been searching for ways to get students to enjoy learning their times tables. Teaching is a challenge, but mobile apps can help them use technology to get the students more engaged. With links to helpful websites for teachers and entertaining games, mobile apps are a favorite among young students. Whether the whole class has iPads or there are only a few computers in the corner of the classroom, teachers must utilize technology to encourage learning with today's youth. The purpose of this technique is twofold. First, if a child uses the computer to help reinforce good math skills, then that child is getting better at computer skills. Secondly, this is a much more dynamic way to build their math skills than sitting at a desk, reading a textbook about who invented division and multiplication techniques before solving a few practice problems. Math games on mobile apps are a fun way to set them up for success in math and in life. 

Discover calculator apps for tough multiplication problems

In fact, students who are getting better at multiplication will enjoy math more and begin to be a more successful student overall. They can increase speed and test efficiency with competitive 2 player games on these mobile apps, along with memorizing quiz math facts that can help their mental math abilities. However, another essential component of multiplication mobile apps must be a calculator function to help students on the tougher problems. Many calculators sold in stores are so complicated, that the students can't figure them out. Teachers will spend entire weeks trying to get students to learn the functions of a calculator, but mobile apps have the ability to instruct on the functions of a calculator as the students use them. Learning on the go is a much more practical strategy. 

From mental math strategies to fun games with their peers, students can set themselves up for mathematics success with educational and entertaining multiplication mobile apps. 

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