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Going to the movies has the potential to be a magical moment for everyone involved. However, finding a movie time that is convenient for all of your friends or family can take quite a bit of planning. Thankfully, some excellent movie theater showtime apps will let you quickly pick a great movie and plan a fantastic movie night that people will be talking about for weeks to come.

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  1. Search all showtimes near you to get plenty of options
  2. Limit your search to one theater for a better experience
  3. Search by genre to narrow down the results
  4. Search by rating to find age-appropriate movies
  5. Filter your results by reviews to find popular movies

The first step when trying to find a good movie times app is to look for one that lets you see all of the movie times around your home. By being able to look at all of the different movies showtimes you will be able to find a time that works for you and your friends or family. Along with finding convenient showtimes, you'll be able to see what movie theater has the best ticket deals on movies coming soon and save a little bit of money.  Another great advantage of being able to search for, "Movies running near me," is the ability to check out new theaters. Being able to see all of the different theaters offering movies will let you find a theater you've never been to before. While a lot of different theater chains are more or less the same, you might be able to find an old mom and pop theater that brings you back the magic of movies on screen back to the viewers. 

If there is a specific movie theater, you are committed too, then look for a particular app for that theater. Apps such as AMC stubs let you view the showtimes at your local AMC. The app provides users with great deals and coupons that you would have missed if you were using websites such as Moviefone or Flixster.com to find showtimes. Another advantage of searching by a specific theatre is the limited results. If you already know what theater you want to go to, then there is no reason to sort through hundreds of irrelevant results. Even if you type movie tickets Sierra Vista into google, you are still going to have to search through the different Sierra Vista movie theaters in your area. You can avoid all of this hassle by merely downloading a specific movie theater app. With a few taps on your phone screen, you will quickly have a list of available seats, new movie releases, and showtimes at the movie theater closest to you. Not only does an app like this save you time, it can help you avoid accidentally buying tickets for the wrong theater.

Whether you like romance, comedy, or action movies, finding an app that lets you narrow your search results by genre is a great way to find an amazing upcoming movie. If you are looking to surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife with a nice movie and dinner, the search by genre tool is a lifesaver. While it can be difficult to know what new adventure movies are out if you prefer rom-com and vis versa. Simply by searching movie showtimes tomorrow, and then narrowing the movie results down to your significant other's favorite genre, and boom you have a list of movie they might really enjoy. Apps that let you combine genres are even better. By being able to search for movies that have elements of two different genres you are more likely to find a movie that both you and your significant other will enjoy, so now everyone is happy.

Trying to find age-appropriate movies when you are planning a family movie outing can be a bit stressful. While new release movies websites, like Yahoo Showtimes, often don't have useful information on how family-friendly the new movie is, this is where finding an app that can filter movies by the rating can come in handy. If you are bringing little children to the theaters, simply search, "G movies near me" in the app, and you will quickly have a full list of movies the whole family can enjoy. The best movie showtimes app will provide the user with the movies official rating, and then tell the user whether or not older people will enjoy the film as well. If your kids are a little bit older then just search for PG-13 movies in a movie theater near you.  You'll quickly find a list of appropriate films. To make sure a movie is suitable for your kid, find an app that not only shows the rating of the movie, but explains why the movie received the rating it did. A quick summary of potentially inappropriate scenes will let you make sure the flick is appropriate for your kids before going to the theater.

Keep these five tips in mind as you search through the list of best movie showtimes apps, or are thinking of searching for imdb showtimes near me, and you are sure to find an app that revolutionizes your movie-going experience.

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  • Movies by Flixster. The #1 app for movie reviews, trailers, and showtimes.

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  • Times, Tickets, Food, Rewards

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    • AMC has created a really solid app that is, 9 times out of 10, seamless. Straightforward, clear, and easy to check in with at the theater. There is ONE thing that I would like the