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Move Smart, Save More With Taxi & Ride Sharing Apps

Move Smart, Save More With Taxi & Ride Sharing Apps

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What happens when apps meet transportation? You get more innovative ways of commuting within your city. Today, the culture of taxi-hailing is several miles ahead. On this tour, you’ll learn how to move smart and save more with Taxi & Ride-Sharing Apps.

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Table of Contents

  1. Smart Taxis Today
  2. Request Taxi on Your Phone
  3. How Ridesharing Works
  4. Benefits of Taxi & Ride Sharing Apps
  5. The Best Taxi & Ride Sharing Apps

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Smart Taxis Today

A smart taxi allows you to request taxi rides no matter where you are. The smartphone wins once again in this discussion. You launch the taxi app on your phone and schedule a ride. Some apps may share a few similarities with public transportation apps that track buses and transit schedules. The app notifies you once your taxi shows up, and the driver conveys you to your destination. Voila! You’ll pay a ride fee once the trip ends.

Interestingly, we may be using taxi apps to transform how we commute in our cities. It’s fascinating to request a taxi from any location and have it arrive. We owe this innovation to tech names like Uber, Taxify (now Bolt), Lyft, and others.

Users can connect with millions of drivers via their free taxi and ridesharing apps. Ride apps like Ola allow users to request taxis or rent vehicles for outstation tours. Also, ridesharing apps bring pocket-friendly benefits to trips. Users can share rides on a trip and then split the bill. 

Request Taxi on Your Phone

You’ll need a good taxi or ridesharing app to request a taxi on your smartphone. The regular ride-hailing app has easy-to-use in-app navigation features to select your current location and destination. These selections will show on the map. After that, the app notifies you of your driver’s estimated time of arrival (ETA).

However, most taxi app drivers tend to call to confirm your request. The call maybe after you’ve requested a taxi, or when they’ve reached your pickup location. Some in-app service and traffic delays can make you track the ETAs of drivers via call.

Most users follow realtime updates on traffic using traffic alerts apps. Traffic situations can affect how ride-hailing apps present their ride rates.

Ridesharing options are also available to maximize cheap and affordable rides. But they aren’t the only add-on features on ride-hailing apps. Some will allow you to schedule trips ahead of time.

Moreover, popular apps like Uber and Lyft will show you the ride charge rates. The app makes deductions based on your payment choices. There are options to add card or cash or include Paypal. You’ll also be able to verify the driver’s name, contact, and vehicle details. For security reasons, the taxi that arrives should match the in-app description.

Taxi apps like RideYellow allow users to request rides and pay directly from their mobile devices. It also presents a compelling user experience with maps and navigation features.

How Ridesharing Works

Ridesharing isn’t so different from the procedures in ride-hailing. You request taxi rides with your friends and split the fee. Many ridesharing apps show the price before engaging a driver. You can then select to split the charges with your friends. This feature makes on-demand rides accessible to those on a budget. You can hitch a ride when stranded and still reach your destination. It also works for group outings and hangouts.

Most times, taxi fares can skyrocket during specific periods. The ridesharing feature may not be obtainable on all taxi apps. But sharing a ride with other users can be budget-friendly. Regular taxi apps support only payments from the requesting users. However, in ridesharing trips, users will have to maximize the ridesharing option to save more.

Lyft remains a popular ridesharing app for smartphone and mobile device users. It extends hailing requests to taxis, bikes, and even scooters. Lyft also functions like top-rated taxi-hailing apps, connecting you with a driver near you.

Benefits of Taxi & Ride Sharing Apps

The idea of having an app that brings a taxi to you can be thrilling. From convenience to ease, taxi and ridesharing apps bring more to passengers. Firstly, they offer a flexible pricing model. Users can expect what to pay, making the process transparent.

You can see the location of the taxi as it comes to you. This tracking feature also extends to active rides. Users can find where they are on the maps. Many ride-hailing apps send ride histories and receipts to the user’s emails for further reference. Again, nothing beats the convenience of supporting cashless payments. You won’t have to carry cash every time. But you’ll enjoy the luxury of getting to your destination in style.

In addition, it even gets affordable with the budget options of ridesharing apps. You can ride more while you save more.

For lovers of budget-friendly taxi-hailing apps, the In-driver app lets you request rides at your price rate.

The Best Taxi & Ride Sharing Apps

Purpose and needs may vary for this category. Some taxi apps function as core ride-hailing services. Tech taxi companies build them to deliver both taxi and ridesharing services. However, the very first thing to consider would be an app that supports your location.

Some app services may cover a global audience, national or region-specific users. There are also GPS and Navigation apps for specific cities. Knowing these factors will help you select an excellent taxi app that works when you need it.

Additionally, you may want to consider app-device compatibility. There are taxi and ridesharing apps that work for specific smartphone operating systems. Some even work for both iOS and Android devices. Several taxi apps promise numerous features with attractive promos. What you need is one that works with your phone and meets your need.

It takes one app to move around your city with ease. All you have to do is launch it on your phone. Check out our review of the Best Taxi and Ride-Sharing Apps to get started.


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