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Monitor Car Maintenance & Performance With OBD (On Board Diagnostics) Apps

The Importance of Car Maintenance

When you treat your car right, it’ll return the favor, but you don’t need to love cars to treat them right. The value they give in transportation and lifestyle is enough proof. It’s more reason any car owner would go the extra mile to keep their car in the best shape. These car owners are always alert and on top of their maintenance schedule. Interestingly, technology is making the maintenance routine seamless and hassle-free for them.

There are maintenance schedule apps that track and log car issues. Some auto parts apps recommend where to get various quality car parts nearby. Likewise, today’s car owners can use smart car onboard diagnostics apps to connect with their car’s onboard diagnostic system. Insights from these apps show you how to maintain car health or how to improve the performance of the car. The Car Scanner ELM OB2 is an OBD app that provides real-time info, fault codes, and other car performance data to boost engine life in real-time.

Using OBD (On Board Diagnostics)

Car maintenance troubleshooting doesn’t have to be speculative. There are reasons to seek expert opinions when your car begins to misbehave, but even human oversight isn’t inevitable. So, experts need vehicle diagnostics as well as car maintenance tracking apps too. Luckily, the on-board diagnostics system is a car’s electronic component that scans and reports malfunctions or breakdowns.

Car owners and mechanics can work with the information the OBD system provides. This intelligence allows them to identify the malfunction better and begin repairs. Speculations, on the other hand, can be a risky venture. Firstly, the absence of real information for vehicle repairs can be a safety risk for car owners. You don't want to guess a fault and then go ahead to fix it. Actions after troubleshooting required reliable information.

Thankfully, the OBD system has grown more intelligent. OBD apps can interact with the OBD system to provide car owners with car health data. Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car) is one of the apps to check car performance and sensor data and how to check the car engine. It analyzes brake horsepower (BHP) and turning power (Torque) and fault codes.

Your Mobile as OBD Automotive Scanners

Smartphones are becoming a resource location for virtually everything. We currently use apps to buy cars or find used cars. Vehicle diagnostics shouldn’t be a big deal then. To run your vehicle diagnostics, you’ll need your mobile phone to run the OBD app. The app relies on WIFI, Bluetooth adapters, or USB cables to create an interface with your car’s OBD connector.

The friendly user interface allows you to track engine data on your Android and iOs in real-time. Unlike analog OBD scanners, data intelligence is one advantage that comes with using the OBD I2 app. Their ability to provide actionable data makes them better automotive scanner apps.

The OBD AutoDoctor app: ELM 327 & OBD2 Car Scanner is a popular vehicle automotive app and OBD II scanner for smartphones. OBD apps tend to log car performance data for future reference and recommendations. It even gets better with real-time tracking of vehicle assets. Fleet managers can use the apps to track the status of all their vehicles. Additionally, you can validate the collected data for auto insurance claims.

On Board Diagnostics Apps

Earlier, OBD systems only reported problems with a light indicator (“the idiot light”). However, the shortcoming was that they didn’t provide sufficient insights to help fix issues in no time. Life gets more comfortable with OBD scanner apps. As car diagnostics apps, they utilize simpler, standardized digital communication formats to scan and provide real-time vehicle data analytics. This feature is also present in OBD software versions for desktop.

Additionally, most come with a standardized set of diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to help users interpret the app results. Some OBD apps may allow you to set your report dashboard with charts and indicators that matter to you. On functionality, OBD apps use your phone’s connectivity to interact with your car’s system. The medium may be a WIFI, Bluetooth, or USB cable. The Clear and Go OBD2 Car Scanner tool is an app that works with vehicle OBD 2 systems. 

Benefits of OBD Apps

From vehicle diagnosis to inspection and maintenance, OBD apps are becoming essentials. They outmatch older and analog OBD systems with the intelligence and accuracy of their reports. While the earlier versions gave prompts, OBD apps provide tips to help owners and technicians resolve issues.

Most of the popular auto diagnostic OBD apps multitask as data logging assistants. They help users store relevant vehicle information from identification numbers to engine serial numbers. These car scanner apps also store maintenance issues as trends and logs to provide insights for future purposes. This record-keeping becomes useful for official documentation purposes like insurance claims. User coverage is also not a problem as there are OBD2 apps for android and iOS users. 

Now you know monitoring your car health would never be an issue. Join other car owners who’re using apps to make it happen. Check out our review of the Best OBD On-Board Diagnostic Apps to get started.