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Mobile Drawing App Alternatives to Procreate Pocket

Do you really need to shell out $5 for Procreate Pocket to capture the sights of the world and the visions of your imagination? We've done the research. Here are the results.

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Mobile Drawing App Alternatives to Procreate Pocket

The nature of the creative mind is such that inspiration can strike at any time. You can be in your bedroom, in a park, visiting a museum, on a train to work, or out camping. What can you do if you cannot get a hold of a pencil and paper? Use your smartphone, of course.

Maybe the screen is not the biggest surface you've ever worked on (although, with each passing year, they seem to grow) but the opportunities it offers can be substantial. We have tested more than half a dozen apps to see if any rival Procreate Pocket in enabling you to unleash your creative side on the go - and found that SketchBook is the best for the job without breaking the bank, considering it is 100% free. Here's how we chose:

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Apps We Selected
  2. Our Pick Sketchbook Sketchbook Runner Up Infinite Painter Infinite Painter Also Groovy MediBang Paint - Make Art ! MediBang Paint - Make Art !
  3. 2. Everything We Recommend
  4. 3. The 411 from our Appventurer
  5. 4. Other Apps Considered
Our Pick

The undisputed king

  • Sketch and paint on your device with the feel and freedom of drawing on paper
    4.0 Ratings 751K+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich Fresh


Apps devoted to sketching on today's market are both numerous and of pretty decent quality. The competition is quite stiff yet AutoDesk's SketchBook manages to come head and shoulders above all others.

Why we chose SketchBook:

  • Extremely easy to use - no matter your level of skill
  • Well suited for professionals and amateurs alike
  • Offers a massive drawing space and is free from clutter
  • Loads of brushes, a good selection of special effects, and the option to use layers
  • The fully-featured version is completely free to use - forever

If you're looking for a solution that will cover all your needs for creating art on the go yet don't want to be burdened by a clunky piece of software - not a substantial bill - this should be your first pick.

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Runner Up

Learn something new

  • Painting, drawing, & sketching
    3.7 Ratings 118K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    Free Feature Rich Fresh In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


It is perfectly ok if you don't feel secure about your skills. Even the most experienced artists have plenty to learn. A few lessons could come in handy and this is precisely where this app excels.

Why we chose Infinite Painter:

  • A simple yet potent user interface
  • A wide selection of brushes and effects at your disposal
  • A community section that gives you a chance to share your art and appreciate the work of others
  • Most importantly - a great collection of lessons and tutorials that will enable you to make huge progress

There is no need to be shy about your skills or lack thereof. Take it easy, experiment, try out a few things, and you will get a lot better in no time.

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Also Groovy

Old school class and charm

  • Over 1000 brushes and tones! This app has everything you need to make art.
    3.7 Ratings 281K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
    Free In App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases
    Free In-App Purchases


Not every sketching app needs to adhere to the aesthetic of traditional media. In fact, many users prefer a distinctly computer-generated look. If this is your thing, don't miss this awesome app.

Why we chose MediBang Paint:

  • It connects the quick nature of a sketchpad and the old school approach to graphic design
  • A strong social media component will connect you to creative minds from across the globe
  • It never lags behind neither SketchBook nor Infinite Painter in regards to brushes
  • Great customizability allows it to fit like a glove - no matter your needs and expectations

Some may find the look a bit old-fashioned, reminiscent of programs created c.1998 but don't let this discourage you. Underneath lies a powerful beast.

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Everything We Recommend

  • Our Pick


    4.0 Ratings 751K+ Reviews 50M+ Downloads
    From quick sketches to fully finished artwork, Sketchbook goes where your creativity takes you.

    Sketchbook is an award-winning sketching, painting, and drawing app for anyone who loves to draw. Artists and illustrators love Sketchbook for its professional-grade feature set and highly customizable tools. Everyone loves Sketchbook for its elegant interface and natural drawing experience, free of distractions so you can focus on capturing and expressing your ideas.

    • A full complement of brush types: pencils markers, airbrushes, smear and more that look and feel just like their physical counterparts
    • Brushes are highly customizable so you can create just the look you want
    • Guides, rulers and stroke tools support precision when you need it
    • Layers with a full complement of blend modes deliver the flexibility to build up and explore drawings and color
    • Purpose-built for sketching, the interface is clean and unobtrusive so you can focus on drawing
    In-App Purchases
  • Runner Up
    Experience one of the best-designed painting, sketching, and drawing apps for tablets, phones, and Chromebooks. Used by millions, this award-winning app brings rich, powerful features to all artists, whether art is your hobby, passion or career.

    - Best-in-class pencils
    - Minimal and intuitive interface
    - Robust, powerful tool set
    - Share Timelapse recordings with your friends
    - Convert brush strokes into editable shapes

    - Hundreds of built-in brushes
    - Realistic brush to canvas interaction
    - Over 100 customizable brush settings
    - Organize and share your favorite brushes and brush sets
    - Designed for stylus devices with full pressure and tilt support
    - Apply realtime color adjustments and live effects to any brush
    - Sample lower layers when blending
    - Import and export custom brushes and brush sets

    - More canvas, less clutter with a clean, customizable interface
    - Assign finger functions separate from your stylus
    - Expand and collapse layers with a flick
    - Dock brush settings for quick, easy editing
    - Quick access eyedropper
    - Rotate and flip canvas with gestures
    - Group layers with a pinch

    - Pin tools and actions to the main interface
    - Pull the color wheel on the canvas with two fingers
    - Add multiple reference images
    - Lighting-fast saving and loading
    - Step back in time with Project History

    - Simple or complex symmetry with Radial or Kaleidoscope
    - Draw with precision using Guides or Shapes
    - Smart shape detection by pausing when drawing
    - Innovative Hatching guide

    - Design 3D cityscapes with five different Perspective Guides
    - Drag Rectangle and Circle shapes in perspective
    - Create game art with Isometric perspective

    - Seamless Pattern projects
    - Selection & Masking tools
    - Industry-leading Transformations
    - Transform multiple layers at once
    - Gradient and Pattern Fill tools
    - Target separate layers or all layers with Fill tools
    - Drag with Fill tool or Magic Wand for live tolerance adjustment
    - Bring your painting to life with Timelapse
    - Canvas Preview with flip and grayscale (for checking proportions and values)
    - Artistic & Photo cloning
    - Tools for pattern creation

    - 64-bit Deep Color when painting
    - Layer support with 30 blend modes
    - Masks for layers, adjustments, and groups
    - Clipping masks
    - Gradient map, Color Curves, and Filter layers
    - Industry-leading color correction
    - Over 40 live Filter effects
    - Focus and Tilt-shift masking
    - Liquify
    - Crop and Resize
    - Pattern and Array tools
    - Powerful selection workspace
    - Photoshop®-like smart layers for multiple transformations without loss of quality
    - Solo & Trace modes
    - Print presets & CMYK color modes

    - Import from Photos, Camera, Clipboard, or Image Search
    - Search over 1 million free for commercial-use images
    - Export images as JPG, PNG, WEBP, ZIP, layered PSD files, or Painter projects
    - Share artwork to Infinite Painter's ever-growing community and see what others are creating #InfinitePainter

    - 3 layers at the device resolution
    - Solid Fill, Lasso selection, Basic Transform and Symmetry tools
    - Seamless Pattern projects
    - All the built-in brushes and brush editing
    - Smart shape detection

    - HD canvas sizes and tons of layers*
    - Adjustments and live Filter layers
    - Layer groups and masks
    - Over 40 powerful, professional tools
    * Maximum number of layers depends on the canvas size and your device

    See what you can do.

    Tiffanie Mang
    Yong Hong Zhong
    Kamila Stankiewicz
    Anthony Jones (RobotPencil)
    Andrew Theophilopoulos (Theonidas)
    Piotr Kann
    Constantine Rotkevich
    Diane Kay
    In-App Purchases
    $1.99 - $9.99 per item
    $3.99 - $9.99 per item
  • Also Groovy
    What is MediBang Paint?

    MediBang Paint is a FREE lightweight digital painting and comic creation program that comes loaded with brushes, fonts, pre-made backgrounds, and other resources. MediBang Paint is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. The app uses cloud saving allowing users to easily transfer their work between platforms.

    The Android version allows illustrators to draw anywhere they want, while retaining all of the features of the desktop versions of the software.

    MediBang Paint includes many different creative tools for illustrators and comic book artists. Some of these include, numerous brushes, screentones and backgrounds, cloud fonts and comic creation tools. Finally registering on MediBang’s site for free gives users access to cloud storage so they can easily manage, backup and share their work.

    Want to know more about MediBang Paint?

    ☆ Paint or make comics anywhere on your smartphone!
    ・This app comes with almost as many features as a desktop painting program.
    ・Its interface is made specifically for smartphones so users can easily paint, change brush sizes, or colors with no problems.
    ・Color can be intuitively changed in HSV mode.

    ☆Painting Tools
    ・Use over 100 free brushes* to draw a variety of colorful spectacles.
    *A great selection available from Airbrush, Pencil, Watercolor, G Pen, Mapping Pen, Sumi, Flat Brush, Round Brush, Acrylic, School Pen, Turnip Pen, Drawing Pen, and Soft Pastel to Multi Brushes like the Salad Brush.
    ・Force Fade in and Out makes your lines sharp even if you’re drawing with your fingers.

    ☆ Access tons of Resources for free
    ・Users get access to 850 tones, textures, backgrounds and word balloons for free.
    ・There are premade backgrounds that include city scenes and vehicles to cut down on user’s workloads.
    ・Tones, textures and backgrounds can be dragged and dropped into a picture. They can also be rotated, scaled or transformed freely.

    ☆ Free comic book fonts to give your comics a professional look.
    ・Depending on what fonts you use, the atmosphere of your comic can change enormously.
    ・Having the right fonts for the right scenes and characters is very important.

    ☆Create comic panels easily
    ・Just dragging across the canvas can divide a panel into more panels.

    ☆Easily edit your work.
    ・With layers you can draw different things on different layers.
    ・Draw a character’s hair hairstyle on one layer and you can change it without having to redraw the entire head.

    ☆Adding dialog with speech to text
    ・You can add dialog to your comics with your voice to text feature.
    ・Of course you can still use the keyboard if you want for longer dialogs.

    ☆Work with others no matter where you are
    ・Files you’ve uploaded can be shared with others allowing you to work together.
    ・You can use this feature to work on a project with several people.

    ☆With just one single click, you can share you work.
    ・With one click you can upload your work to the MediBang art community.
    ・Work you’ve uploaded can also be shared on your social network accounts.

    ☆[MediBang Premium]

    MediBang Premium is a subscription service that gives you unlimited access to exclusive brushes and materials, full access to MediBang Paint
    You can try it out for free for the first 60 days.

    When you subscribe to MediBang Premium, you will receive the following benefits.
    - Unlimited use of over 200 brushes and other materials for use in MediBang Paint!
    - Hide In-app Advertisements
    - Folder function
    - Filter function
    - Custom export function
    - Unlimited number of team members
    - Unlimited version control functions
    - Additional cloud storage capacity
    * More features will be added for MediBang Premium members in the future, so stay tuned!

    [External links]
     For more info, click here.
     Updates and news are also posted on Twitter and Facebook.
    In-App Purchases
    $2.49 - $8.99 per item
    $2.99 - $9.99 per item
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The 411 from our Appventurer

Stefan Racic
Written by:

Stefan Racic

My phone tends to be filled to the brim with apps I am either trying on for size of using on a regular basis. I use them for a variety of tasks, including sketching and creating art, keeping in touch with friends, being up to date with the latest news, learning about diverse spiritual practices and, of course, playing games!

With over 10 years of experience as a translator and writer, I channel my creativity into writing about things I enjoy. My education in business (I hold a bachelor's degree in operations management) is but one part of expertise. I have worked for art magazines, spiritual blogs, news and business sites, and now I explore the fascinating world of apps.

My previous work is as diverse as my interests. Fresh out of college, I was employed as a translator and interpreter at the fringes of the corporate world and the NGO sector. After switching to writing, I first focused on business news, then shifted to working for a series of art magazines (WideWalls perhaps being the most well known), and even wrote content for a couple of spirituality-focused apps for Labyrinthos Academy. Little did I know that I would eventually devote a good chunk of my time to writing about all sorts of interesting new apps out there.

Mobile Drawing App Alternatives to Procreate Pocket



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