MLB & Baseball Apps

MLB & Baseball Apps

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MLB and baseball mobile apps will take you from a casual fan to an informed, knowledgeable, and extremely entertained supporter of your favorite baseball teams and players. 

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  1. Get updates on the latest MLB news.
  2. Receive notifications for the scores of your favorite teams.
  3. Keep up with the standings after every game.
  4. Check out the latest stats on your favorite players.
  5. Find the best deals on tickets to games near you.

MLB and baseball apps bring you the latest breaking news in baseball so that you can keep up with your favorite teams and other big stories in the league. You can receive updates on power rankings around the league and Injuries in MLB today so that you can make sure you're supporting your team as any true fan should. With so much news and rumors surrounding each team, especially right around the trade deadline, MLB updates can be hard to keep track of. For you fantasy baseball lovers, MLB apps help you avoid an unfortunate accident like last year when you had a player on your team for a whole week before you learned he was on the Injured List. Don't be the out-of-the-loop fantasy player that your friends make fun of everytime. Every group has one. If you don't know who the uninformed baseball fan in your group is, then it may be time to look in the mirror. 

MLB and baseball apps can also help you keep track of the score of each games as they are happening. Everyone knows that the MLB season is ridiculously long. Since teams play ten or more days in a row without a day off, keeping up with their schedule as a fan can be difficult. MLB apps can notify you when your team starts a game and when they score. That way, if your team had a day game, and you thought they didn't play until 7 PM, you won't miss out on the action. MLB apps also give you some of the best playoff coverage in sports. Even if you're not in front of the TV at the right moments, these user-friendly forums can notify you on the Wildcard game, NLDS, and World Series scores.  Want to watch a playoff game while you are working out? No problem. Many of these apps can link you to live coverage of your favorites teams, plus pregame and post game shows and interviews. 

Along with live coverage, MLB and baseball apps can keep you updated on the MLB standings from around the leagues so that you can see who has the Best record in the MLB and check the standings from each division. As ESPN begins to reduce their coverage of baseball, smaller market teams like the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland A's may not get very much coverage at all. Other major networks like CBS rarely carry baseball either, so these apps will be your best source for updates on the standings as the pennant race gets more exciting. This way, you can make sure you're messaging your friends when your team clinches a playoff spot and theirs is in last place. If you can't be informed enough to talk trash with your friends, then you need to step up your information sources to more informative apps that can keep you ahead of the curve, so to speak. 

Every baseball fan knows how hard it is to find statistics and stories on their favorite players with the right MLB and baseball apps. You can find out things like who are the errors leaders in the American league and other in-depth stats like OPS and WAR. Or if you weren't around the TV for the playoff game, you can see Dodgers highlights or watch your favorite players' at bats over again with apps that will let you record the games and watch afterwards. Being able to compare stats from your favorite players around the league will help you be a more informed All-Star game voter, along with being able to check on the roster moves that your team is making. If you don't feel like your team should have traded a certain player, you'll be able to pull his stats up and see what your team was thinking when they acquired the new players. It's always good to be up to date on the stats so that you can think along with the manager and be able to support or question your teams' decisions knowledgeably. 

Along with statistics and a reliable injury update source, MLB and baseball apps can also make it easier to find affordable tickets to regular season and postseason games near you. Instead of watching the game of the week on TV, you might get to watch it in person. You can check out ticket deals, schedules, and even a teams map to see just how far away that rival team's stadium would be for you to go check out some national league action in person. Instead of keeping up with stats and watching your team on TV while playing baseball games on your phone, you could actually be there in person with a hot dog and ice-cold drink, cheering your team to victory. And these mobile apps can help you save plenty of money on those tickets, so you can enjoy all the hot dogs you want. The best baseball mobile apps let true fans have access to all the content and opportunities they want to get close to their favorite teams. 

If you're an MLB fan who needs more baseball content than the regular coverage can get you, MLB and baseball mobile apps are your key to next level fandom.