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Although the numbers vary, between 670 and 739 is considered to be a high credit score. Wondering what you can do with a credit score like that? Just about anything.

A healthy credit score allows you to effortlessly land insurance, discounts for a home loan, a higher credit limit, better car insurance rates, and it can even boost your job chances.

Unfortunately, it’s completely useless to talk about benefits if your score is low. We already talked how to pay off debt and now we bring you 3 tips to increase and maintain a healthy credit score.

1. 30% Credit Balance Rule

First, you need to bring the amount of money you owe to a credit company below 30%. Meaning, if your combined credit limit is $1000, you should keep your debt at $300 or less.

A nifty trick you can do is to reduce your debt below 30% just before the end of the billing month.

Finally, to easily keep an eye on your debt, there are mobile apps that allow you to check all your credit cards at once.

Check your credit score for free on one of the best credit monitoring apps. Find out what affects a good credit score and improve it with free weekly reports.

Monitoring Credit Scores

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Best 10 Apps For Monitoring Credit

2. Keep Inactive Credit Cards

When you close a credit card, the credit company removes your credit card history after 10 years.

This cuts your overall credit age and lowers the credit score. In other words, erases proof that you can manage additional credit you might need.

Still, closing a credit card has benefits like preventing you from recklessly spending money. So, analyze your situation before you make a decision.

3. Set Up Bill Reminders

Paying bills is easier said than done, but timing your credit payments is the biggest contributor to a healthy credit score.

Since we are living a hectic life, we often forget to pay. Thus, you end with a lower score because you forgot to pay a meaningless bill.

To keep an eye on your payments, we suggest an app called Prism. It helped us a bunch of time to pay something we’d probably forget.

Finally, realize that fixing your credit score doesn’t happen overnight. Imagine it like growing a plant - you have to water regularly for the plant to grow.

But watering a plant isn’t hard work, right? Neither is nurturing your credit score if you know what you’re doing and the tips can help you out.

Finally, by using one of The Best 10 Apps for Monitoring Credit, the entire process will become even easier as long as you commit to making it happen.

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