Mini Golf Games

Mini Golf Games

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Whether you love golf or not, mobile mini golf games are a fun way to spend your free time because of their entertaining online forums, create-a-golfer career modes, and diverse challenges.

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If you're a fan of playing mini golf or entertaining games on your phone, then mini golf mobile games will be an exciting way to spend your time. These mini golf games are incredibly fun, addicting, and have exciting graphics whether you're using an iPad, iPhone, Android, or any other device. Most of these games work offline so that you can play by yourself, passing levels, challenges, and battles with virtual opponents without using up all of your data. These games will provide hours of fun as you attempt to shoot the lowest score on every course in the game with the ability to save your scorecard and post scores online for your friends. And if you're just trying to pass the time, you can enjoy trick-shot challenges and lightning rounds of mini-golf during which you can play all 18 holes in a matter of minutes. 

Along with entertaining solo challenges, some of these mini golf mobile games will allow you to create a custom golfer just for you. You can design one who looks like you or create anything from a wild animal to an alien golfer that can take on putt putt challengers in all sorts of games. Much like many regular golf games, you can play a whole career with your custom player, taking him or her through various levels, courses, and upgrades. There are features to stylize their equipment and a mixture of free and paid upgrades, tricks, and cheats that will allow you to get your player to play their best golf. With enough style, skill, and practice, along with the right customized equipment, you'll end up as the king or queen of mini golf in no time. But beware, these career modes and custom golfers can be insanely addicting since the options for wardrobes, upgrades, and challenges really never end.

Just like the opportunities with a custom golfer, mini golf mobile games offer a grandiose and diverse selection of courses and challenges to master. These career modes will let you play a different course every weekend, or you can jump from course to course, staying on the same one until you're satisfied with your score. There are also some crazy golf challenges to choose from such as finding your way out of the forest by putting or sinking your putt into an alligator's mouth and much more. Since mini golf is a game that allows for so many variations and fun twists, the options are nearly endless. A lot of regular golf games only offer courses, but mini golf games will take you to other planets. From playing in outer space, on the moon, or in an Arctic blizzard avoiding snow wolves, the putt putt craziness is truly next level. If you're looking for a game that you can play for hours without getting bored, there's a huge chance you'll find it among this list.