Minesweeper Games

History of Minesweeper Games

Though Microsoft Minesweeper is the most popular variant of the minefield game, it wasn't the first variant. The origins of Minesweeper dates back to the year 1960 when Jermaic Ratliff designed a mainframe game titled Cube. It featured simple puzzle gameplay where gamers had to avoid mines. Such was the popularity of this game that it shaped some of the best puzzle games of that era. Cube gave rise to another, Relentless Logic in 1985 on the MS-DOS. Relentless Logic or RLogic threw players into the character of a US Private trying to deliver a secret message to the command center. This game would serve as the pioneering concept of the minesweeper games we love today.

Despite being a replacement for the Cube, RLogic is more similar to the modern minesweeper game than it is to the Cube. Minesweeper and RLogic only share some subtle differences. For instance, in RLogic a player doesn't have to worry about clearing all non-mines.

Microsoft introduced its version of the Minesweeper in 1990. Curt Johnson designed the game for IBM OS/2, but it ended up featuring on the Windows OS instead. A fun fact to know about the Microsoft Minesweeper is that it's also known as Flower Field. And excluding the versions later than Windows 3.1x, the game only didn't come pre-installed once in a Windows OS, which is the Windows Server. 

How Do Minesweeper Games Work?

Minesweeper is a simple click and puzzle game. In the event you can't remember, or are new to its rules, here's a quick guide to help you. It features a Minefield split into cells and some of these cells house mines behind them. The main objective is to uncover all the non-mine cells without fail. When you uncover one, adjacent cells without mines also uncover automatically, while cells close to those close to a mine cell open up to reveal numbers. These numbers serve as clues as to how many mine cells are adjacent to a specific cell.

If you suspect a cell houses a mine you proceed to flag it. Doing this has no status change on the cell as you can still uncover it later on. 

Online Minesweeper Games

Some of the best minesweeper games are available online. These games allow individuals to experience a delightful wave of nostalgia right from their browser. Humans are naturally competitive as we aim to excel in our endeavors. Online minesweeper games tap into this fact while delivering solid user experience when playing the iconic game. Playing your games online comes with the perk of not taking up local storage space, and the chance to connect with other users as well. You'll get to see how your scores stack up with those of other players around the world.

Up until the rise of online gaming, finding a challenger or someone who shared your passion for a game was restricted to family and friends around you. Now, with online games, you can share your passion with other minesweeper enthusiasts on a different continent. The icing on the cake is that these functions aren't exclusive to just online titles, they also extend to offline games. Offline game apps offer players the option to upload their scores or connect to a gaming community whenever there's an Internet connection.

Minesweeper Game Apps

Download any of the top minesweeper games for smartphones and challenge yourself mentally. These games don't just offer you convenience and nostalgia, but they also improve on user experience. They come with new game modes and better graphics than the 90's titles. Considering the title Minesweeper for Android - Free Mines Landmine Game, this features a modern-day graphical design than the original 8-bit era. Players also get to set 5 dynamic level difficulty to improve gaming experience and intensity.

Minesweeper Game Rules

Minesweeper is one of the most iconic strategy games of all time. It's a single-player puzzle game similar to sudoku. The single-player tag doesn't mean that you can't have fun with friends and family while playing the game. Your loved ones can join in on the fun as you challenge yourselves for the fastest time or highest scores.

The rules of Minesweeper are simple to learn. Here are the basics to help you beat the game.

● The first block you uncover in minesweeper is always without a mine.

● You'll win the game when you uncover all non-mine blocks.

● When you select a cell or block, you'll expose one of three elements.

● You'll uncover a blank cell, a cell with a number underneath, or a cell with a mine underneath.

● You'll lose the game automatically if you uncover a mine.

● The numbers serve as clues to the number of mines adjacent to an uncovered cell. 

Smartphone apps help bring iconic game titles back into our hearts. Puzzle games just like defense games, help build the mind and improve your reaction time. Few puzzle games manage to balance this key function as much as the Minesweeper game. If you are looking to kill time while challenging your mind, then here's our list of the top minesweeper games for smartphones.