Middle School Math

Math Mobile Apps

Middle school math mobile apps are some of the latest in educational technology that has changed the way students can learn both in and out of the classroom. These apps are incredibly effective for two major reasons. First of all, they can help a student study outside of class without having to hire a tutor. As a parent, you'll save money and avoid the headache of having to tutor your child on your own. After all, math is a little different than when we were in school. 

More importantly, these apps will help your middle schooler develop a love for mathematics that was probably not there before. Whatever your child is interested in, he or she is probably good at it. If they love sports, they probably practice. If they love playing an instrument or playing video games, they probably do those activities a lot. The beauty of these math apps is that they make it fun for middle schoolers to learn math, which might just help them develop a better relationship with the subject. This new affinity (or at least tolerance) for math will set them up for success in their high school and collegiate academic careers.

Developing Algebra Skills

One of the most important sub-disciplines that middle school math apps can assist with is the intimidating world of algebra. When middle school math students hear the word algebra, they immediately shy away from learning this kind of math. However, these helpful apps make algebra more fun and less intimidating. By simplifying the various algebraic skills that 6th, 7th, and 8th graders might need to succeed in math, these apps can help your child build a better foundation of understanding. 

From basic exercises for younger students to in-depth study materials and lecture videos, middle school math apps provide explanations to every algebraic discipline that will help ace any test.  These engaging activities, games, and examples range from simple one-step equations to reciprocals and complex expressions. And the games might even make your child want to study, instead of going through the motions while learning the materials. 

Preparing for High School

Along with aiding in algebra, which is the predominant subject of most middle school math courses, these middle school math mobile apps help in a variety of other topics. Throughout their time in middle school, students will need to get a very solid handle on key mathematics skills like dealing with fractions, percentages, negative numbers, the order of operations, and more. If they miss out on any of these skills because they didn't pay attention or just gave up when the material got too hard, they are setting themselves up for a tough road in high school math. 

You see, math is a building-block subject that requires students to use previously learned skills to move on to the next subjects, so missing out on certain skills will hurt them in the long run. It's not like history or science, in which every category of the subject is separate from the others. If a student doesn't have mastery over basic algebra skills in middle school, they are likely to struggle in high school disciplines like geometry

Entertaining Learning Tools

While the classroom can be an effective place to learn, middle school math apps give students the chance to experience enjoyable learning activities both in and out of class. Many of these apps can be used by a group, so teachers can find free apps for students to play on their cell phones or tablets at school. Some of the best group activities in the modern classroom revolve around technology, and these apps allow for online connectivity. Students challenge each other or even work in teams. 

By making learning fun, these apps can help students have a positive attitude towards group activities and math materials. These apps are a very helpful resource for teachers who are constantly told that they need to incorporate more technology into the classroom. Students will benefit two-fold as they learn mathematics skills while also familiarizing themselves with smartphone and tablet technology that dominates the learning experience as they get older. 

Reviewing Study Materials

Enjoyable group activities in class can be a lot of fun, but middle school math apps can also be a difference-maker for at-home study. Getting better at math is all about repetition and practice. While teachers may continue to move on with their curriculum, these math apps allow students to go back and review other skills that they may have missed out on. There are helpful infographics and activities like a multiplication table that can help them refresh their minds on an old skill. 

These apps also provide new practice problems that can help students learn before a test. All they have to do is click on a certain topic and select a difficulty level. These review problems come complete with the answer and step-by-step instructions on how to solve them, which can really help solidify the material in a student's brain heading into test day. 

For math whiz kids and struggling students alike, these middle school math apps can help students prepare themselves for a successful math career as they progress.