Math Formula Mobile Apps

Math Formula Mobile Apps

These math formula mobile apps are the apps that students never knew they needed. But once they give them a shot, they won't be able to do without them. Many of these apps are designed to accelerate formula memorization. Others help students practice working with the formulas and figuring out when to apply them. And there are even apps that are both a quick-reference for math formulas and include entertaining educational games for solidifying math formula fundamentals. 

With so many different options, you're bound to find the right apps to help you take the next step in having a solid grasp on the world of mathematics. If you're someone who always had success in math up until 7th or 8th grade, or even high school, then formula memorization may be the key. Everything you learned in middle school math was based on operations and fundamentals. If you're skilled at the fundamentals but struggle when applying those operations to formulas, these apps can help you turn the corner. 

Importance of Formula Memorization

While math formula apps provide a variety of functions, arguably the most important is increasing your ability to memorize these formulas. If you're a high school student (or parent of one) with the SAT or ACT coming up, you know how important those tests can be. As an assistant college baseball coach, I understand first-hand how much of an emphasis colleges put on those test scores. Whether you're a prospective student-athlete or just a student wanting to go to a great college, a solid SAT or ACT score can help you get accepted and earn a lot more scholarship money. 

So, where do the math formulas come in? A majority of students who struggle on the SAT or ACT math sections, or tests in general, may get anxiety about running out of time, feel rushed, or feel unprepared. If a student prepares by memorizing the formulas thoroughly, however, he or she will feel far more confident and far less rushed. While the SAT and ACT might provide a formula page with most that you'll need, it takes a long time to look up the formula on every question. Formula memorization will cut test time way down. 

Formula Practice

Along with saving time on tests, math formula apps can help students know exactly how to work with each formula for a particular problem. This will save them time and give them a better chance of getting the problem correct. You see, memorizing the formula is only half the battle. If a student is taking a regular math exam in algebra, geometry, or in a competitive setting, time is of the essence. If the student understands which parts of the equation to work with first and which steps to take with the provided information, he or she will at least get most of the credit for that problem. 

Furthermore, on standardized tests like the ACT or SAT, the multiple-choice answers will let a student know if he or she used the right formula properly. However, ending a problem with an answer that's not one of the choices will leave a student feeling panicked and rushing to do the problem all over again. Knowing what steps to take with each formula is key, and these mobile apps have tons of practice problems for every situation. 

Learning When Formulas Apply

While knowing how to work the formulas is important, every student needs to understand the proper situations in which to apply each formula. Fortunately, these math formula apps feature exercises that can sharpen that exact skill. Instead of having to work through entire problems, students can use these apps to quickly work on the formula application. While resources like a PDF with all of the formulas on it might be helpful, memorizing which types of problems require which formula is half the battle. That's why these interactive apps are so helpful. 

For example, these apps will provide a math problem and then 4 choices of formulas. For the sake of time, these exercises only test the student on which formula to use. The problem might have a chart with information or even a full-length word problem, and the student will have to decide which of the formulas will be best. Understanding the proper times for formula application will save them time on tests in any type of math class. 

Interactive Games

And, of course, you can't really expect students to dive into math unless you make it fun. That's why math formula apps feature all kinds of entertaining games and activities to allow students to practice on the go. Studies have shown that learning games provide some of the best potential for memorization, so math formula games will help commit formulas to memory much quicker than traditional study methods. 

Furthermore, these mobile apps can connect to cellular data or WiFi, allowing users to join online math competitions and study groups. You can even use them to find a tutor or download helpful video tutorials on using certain formulas. As students get to higher levels of math, they'll have to spend more of their own time practicing the formulas. At least mobile apps provide a way to make it fun. 

Whether you're a great math student looking to enjoy some new study materials or trying to find ways to calm your math test anxiety, working with formulas will be the perfect next step. 

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