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Math Can Be Fun With Number Puzzle Games

Number Puzzle Games

Some reasons why we struggle with math problems are a weak foundation, math anxiety, and the fact that math can be tedious. Therefore, most of us do not care enough to give it the needed amount to time to become good at it.

That's why the number puzzle games are designed to allow players to identify and manipulate numbers in a variety of ways. Number puzzle games enable kids to learn math and have fun at the same time. They can teach counting, number recognition, and identification of simple and complex mathematical patterns.

These games encourage logical thinking and improve math problem-solving skills. They are great at getting students to want to tackle math problems. Teachers can also use them in the gamification of lessons, making math class fun and math questions easier to tackle. 

Types of Number Puzzle Games

Several types of number puzzles have been devised over the years. Some of these puzzles can help create a solid foundational background and make learning math easy and fun.

Logic Puzzles

Solving logic puzzles requires the use of mathematical skills of deduction. Logic puzzles are marked by grids that players are required to fill using clues. Logic puzzles usually have unique solutions and can come as cryptograms (numbers replaced with characters with the goal being to figure out the values of each character) or syllogisms (deducing truths from a provided set of statements).

Math Puzzles

Math puzzles require an understanding of mathematical objects, arguments, structures, and facts. They could also involve identifying a series of numbers in a pattern and filling in the missing ones.


Sudoku is a popular number-placement puzzle. The objective of Sudoku is to complete a 9x9 grid so that each row, column, and 3x3 grid forms a larger 9x9 grid complete with numbers from 1 to 9. Variations of Sudoku include twin Sudoku, jigsaw Sudoku, and word Sudoku.

Trivia Puzzles

Solving trivia puzzles require some head knowledge on a particular topic. Math or number trivia involve questions on math history, math facts, and word problems involving mathematical scenarios. Solving trivia is another way of stimulating interest in math and bringing fun to the classroom. 

Benefits of Playing Number Puzzle Games

Besides making learning math easy and fun, the importance of number puzzle games extends to areas of child development:

Number Puzzles Improve Understanding of Math Principles

Children who commence number puzzle play from a tender age will find it easier to come to terms with concepts like geometry and multiplication tables later on. Number puzzle games can also aid child development in math concepts that are part of daily life like counting objects, spending money, or telling the time.

Enhanced Strategic Thinking

Number puzzle games can improve a person’s sense of strategy, and help build problem-solving skills with a broad range of real-life applications.

Improved Concentration

Solving number puzzles require analytical thinking, which requires focus and patience. Concentration helps you stay on course to the end of a puzzle, and regularly solving number puzzles enables you to strengthen your concentration.

Improved Spatial Perception

Spatial perception is the ability to recognize your position in space in relation to object around you. Math puzzle games can teach kids to understand the relationships between shapes and how they fit with each other, thus helping them develop their spatial awareness.

Improved Cooperation among Kids

Solving number puzzles in class or groups is a healthy way of getting kids to bond with each other and build friendships. Kids can also develop a sense of teamwork, and learn to communicate using mathematical terms when they solve number puzzles in groups. 

How to Solve Specific Number Puzzle Games

15 Puzzle

15 Puzzle games are puzzles with random numbers from 1 to 15 distributed across 16 sliding spaces. Arrange the tiles starting from tile 1, 2, 3… by sliding them across the empty tile space till you get the correct arrangement. The puzzle is completed when the tiles 1 to 15 are in their proper spaces, and space 16 is empty.


Sudoku is played on a 9x9 grid with nine squares of 3x3 spaces. You achieve success when each column, row, and space (nine spaces each) is filled with the numbers 1-9 without repeating any number.

Sudoku is solved using an elimination process. What this means is that you identify the available spaces and determine the missing numbers. Then you make deductions from the positions of the numbers within the grid about the remaining numbers that fit within the grid. 

The Best Number Puzzle Game Apps

Several numbers of puzzle games have been developed as Android and iOS apps:

Sudoku 2020

Sudoku 2020 tests your ability to think logically. Play Sudoku in varying levels of difficulty and save your progress. This app has a hint system for beginners and a color input system for experts.

Numbpuz: Classic Number Games

A 15 puzzle game which consists of a wooden frame of randomly-numbered square tiles with a missing tile. The objective is to place the tile in the correct order by sliding the tiles using the empty tile space.

Drop The Number: Merge Game

A brain game that helps you think. Tap and drop the correct falling numbers to gain points. Merge numbers and work your way up the world ranking.

Fused: Number Puzzle Games

Reach the highest tile value as you drag colorful boxes into their logical positions. Tiles of the same value are combined when they touch each other.

Number Mazes: Rikudo Puzzles

Find a unique solution to each puzzle by connecting numbers. Players have to find a pattern of consecutive numbers in a hexagonal cell grid. This game is a visual and intuitive way to get players to task their brains. Rikudo has different modes, and achievements are displayed on a leaderboard. 

Number games help keep brain alert and ready to take on new tasks. Thanks to these games, learning maths doesn't have to feel like drudgery any more. Go ahead and download some of our Best Number Puzzle Game Apps to get started.

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