Making the Best out of Drifting Racing Games

Choosing the Best Drifting Simulators

If you don't have the chance to jump into a drift car and hit the rubber on the road, there is a wide choice of racing video games that can help give you a drifting fix. Drifting in real life can be quite an expensive endeavor. However, if you still want to experience the joy of drifting, consider choosing one of the many drifting simulators available through mobile gaming apps. Though not all games are necessarily the best for drifting, there are quite a few that give you a real life-like experience, in the comfort of your home. 

Unlike arcade games, simulation games take a bit of practice and investment, in terms of hours spent to learn and master the art of drifting. However, the satisfaction gained through such simulation games is far greater than any other form of drift racing game. It is also a great starting point should you have the intention to improve your skills in real-life drifting. With many augmented reality apps available nowadays, drifting racing games have been one of the more popular categories.

Playing Drifting Games With Friends

Just as with any other car racing games, you are going to have a much better experience racing against your friends as opposed to racing against a machine. Fortunately, there is a countless number of racing games, such as Drift Legends, which is a multiplayer driving simulator that features exceptional 3D graphics and advanced physics. Additionally, it provides you with the option of customizing your vehicle to suit your needs. It's a great way to make your mark and show your friends how great you are at drifting games.

These games are also designed to let you choose various racing tracks so you don't get bored of playing the same track over and over again. Similarly, you could create your own profile that marks your achievements and helps you get on top of the leaderboards.

Drifting Racing Games With Online Leaderboards

Being on top of a leaderboard in any game is a great way to gain a sense of achievement. It also provides you with a wide range of opportunities to progress through different levels and compete with gamers online who are at a similar skill level as you are. For instance, Down Shift lets your enter into a drifting arena that hosts the best players out there. This gives you the opportunity to beat them, upgrade your cars, unlock rewards, and be on top of the leaderboard.

Most drifting racing games have an inbuilt leaderboard, which lets you create your customized car with turbocharging and other upgrades. Unlocking more achievements generally makes it easier for you to boost the performance of your vehicle. It's a great way to experiment and learn the different aspects required to equip your car with the best performance geared to drifting.

Playing Drifting Games Real-time Online

Most drifting racing games now provide you with the ability to play real-time with gamers around the world. Now, not only does this give you the opportunity to play online at any given time, but it is also a great platform to make friends with like-minded people. As with most driving games, playing real-time gives you the chance to have intense gaming sessions with complete strangers.

Some gaming apps are also equipped with a chatting platform that lets you seamlessly communicate with the other individuals playing with you. This could be in the form of voice commands or even discussion forums where you can discuss any tactics and strategies with fellow gamers.

Choosing the Right Devices for Better Experience

One of the sought after features for any drift racing gaming app is the sound effects. It can definitely be a deciding factor as it has the potential to enhance the entire gaming experience. However, it is also equally important that you equip yourself with a good sound system should you need to fully immerse yourself into the gaming environment. As a bare minimum, you would need to make sure that the speakers and the touch screen on your phone function as expected.

For more advanced user experience, you could consider investing in a better external sound system as well as driving controls that can be easily integrated with your mobile device. Luckily, most equipment available nowadays has the capability of connecting them either through WiFi or Bluetooth.

If you want to practice sliding your rear-wheel car through a series of corners, doing it in real life can be quite expensive, to begin with. However, through simulation games and other forms of virtual gaming environments, this is definitely possible from the comfort of your home. All you would need is a compatible mobile phone and the right gaming app to begin with. However, you could also consider purchasing external devices for more advanced experiences.