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👪 🍝 Make Weeknight Dinner Happen with The Best Grocery Delivery Apps

👪 🍝 Make Weeknight Dinner Happen with The Best Grocery Delivery Apps

By Mar 6, 2019

Weekdays can be so busy you don't have time for your family. But with some careful planning, knowing what meals to prepare and buying groceries in advance with The Best 10 Grocery Delivery Apps you can make family dinners happen.

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We all want our family to come before our job, but sometimes that sadly isn't possible, especially on weekdays. 

Yet, studies find that small family gatherings are crucial, especially for children's social skills and self-esteem.

If you have a busy family like that, we bring you three tips to help you organize a family weeknight dinner without sacrificing your work time.

1. Plan Family Dinners in Advance

If you try to plan a family dinner on the same day, you can be sure it will never happen.

By sitting down and deciding on the meal, making the grocery list and organizing your family, you'll get half the job done in just 30 minutes.

To help you with planning, you can use Mealime, an app that allows you to organize family meals so you don't forget anything.

2. Use Similar Ingredients

While you're planning one family dinner, why not plan future ones as well to save even more time?

A great way is to plan meals that use similar ingredients. This way you're saving not only time but money as well.

You can have home delivery groceries with apps like Instacart that includes recipes, so it's easy to discover meals that use the same ingredients.

3. Slow Cookers Save Time

Although it's called slow cooker, this machine saves tons of time.

You can have a meal cooking while you're working and come back home to a warm dinner just waiting to be served.

If crockpots are your choice, we suggest Mealthy as it comes with many healthy and delicious slow cooker recipes you can pick from.

Family time is essential and having at least one dinner together on weekdays can bring your family together.

With some simple organizing and using The Best 10 Grocery Delivery Apps to get ingredients instead of having to go and buy them you can make it happen.

In reality, it doesn't take much to bring your family together. You just need to be creative and a couple of basic apps can help you out.

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